August 24

Weekly Travel Outfit – Sir Bani Yas Island

I wrote about my trip to the desert island of Sir Bani Yas island here So I thought I would share what I wore there this time around Top: Topshop. It had a silky feel with an open back that felt like wings opening up every time I bent down Bottom: Dorothy Perkins. I typically […]

August 21

Chasing a field of sunflowers: Lopburi, Thailand

One of my great loves is sunflowers. Something about them, their beautiful bright yellow, their great big openness, how seriously large they can grow, and how their main function is to find and face the sun just makes me happy every time I see them. There is a Malay word that describes this well, ceria, […]

August 19

Testing out the awesome Anatomie!

A while ago, I was linked up with Anatomiewear. The company focuses on making and selling stylish travel clothes. Now I know what you sometimes wonder. Can this be possible? How does this work? Is this just a gimmick? After all, even this website was built around the premise that you already own stylish travel […]

August 18

Prague In a Nutshell

Around the time my boyfriend and I started dating, I had already planned a trip to Prague. “Go” he tells me, in his delicious French accent. And then proceeded to describe the great romance of the Charles Bridge, the winding alleyways. I was sold. I was excited to go. Until I found out I was […]

August 16

Interview with Sam and Zab from Indefinite Adventure!

This months guest interview is quite fascinating. It’s the first time I’ll be having the male perspective showcased, and the first time I’m having a couple interviewed. We have Sam and Zab from Indefinite Adventure. Sam and Zab have been a couple since 2005 but have never really lived together. In January 2013, they flew to […]

August 14

Weekly Travel Outfit: San Francisco, USA

Hanging out in San Francisco circa 2004. Bandana: From Sungai Wang, Malaysia. I still have this with me incidentally. Its not easy to find this kind of retro style. Jeans: Tommy Hilfiger – also worn to Washington Top: I believe from a random shop in Chicago. Watch: Swatch Jacket: Wool jacket from Sisley which is […]

August 12

Secret Stash Bra

A bra; what a wonderful powerful invention. Not only do they help to tuck your twins in, with the right technology they could help perk it up, get you a husband, and make you feel powerful, all in one go.   But did you know some people have tried to take the functionality aspects one […]