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September 18

Moving on to

Dear readers, In case you have not been added to my subscriber list, I wish to notify you that I have moved! to Some of you who may have been with me for a while would notice that this domain has since returned to as I have moved on to self-hosting. You will […]

August 31

What to Wear – From Sheet wear to Street wear

When travelling, everything, and I mean everything you bring should be able to do at least double duty. I’ve written on how even your swim wear can be used for more than swimming, and now it’s time to also look at that other piece of your wardrobe that may not have really have thought about […]

August 10

What to wear on Long bus rides

I’ve written here on what I recommend wearing on a flight (both short and long trips), but what about long bus and train rides? Would it be any different? Your outfit choice may change depending on which countries you’re travelling to/ from. On a Eurorail or a Thalys, for example, I wouldn’t think twice about […]

July 15

What shoes to wear in Europe?

I’ve given you some of my thoughts on what shoes you should wear when travelling, and what shoes to travel with in the summer time. But I noticed from the search results that bring some of you here, that there are questions on what shoes you should wear when travelling Europe as well. So here […]

July 08

Conservative wear where? What to wear in Malaysia

I thought of sharing a ‘Cheat sheet’ on the usual What to Wear postings. Even though Malaysia is a Muslim country, the people are quite moderate which can be reflected in what they wear. The cheat sheet I have here would be more relevant for Kuala Lumpur, Penang, or in Kuching and Kota Kinabalu (KK). […]

July 01

What to Wear – Travelling for a wedding

Sometimes you travel purely for leisure. But sometimes you have to travel for other reasons, like a wedding. If you’re lucky, you could tack on a long holiday as well. I’ll be heading over to Amsterdam in 10 days for a wedding of my bf’s friend which would then lead into an extended vacation for […]

May 08

What to wear – Myanmar

I had the great pleasure of travelling to Myanmar recently with my magic friend Peggy. We actually put in a lot of time planning it since we have both heard how difficult it would be to travel internally (with flights). And by that I mean, Myanmar may have been the last Southeast Asian country to […]