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July 03

Traipsing through Sir Bani Yas Island, UAE

I wrote here on the real romance of the desert. The sand, the sun, the desolate nothingness around you. But what else is there beyond the desert? Is there more to do than sit around watching the swirl patterns as the wind passes by? On a (typically) hot sunny day, I headed out to an […]

Having high tea in the world’s first seven stars hotel – Burj Al Arab, Dubai

(The Burj Al Arab – missing a wall) Back when the Burj Al Arab was opened in 2000, rumors were rampant. It was touted as the first seven star hotel in the world! It’s doors and knobs are all made of gold! You had to be a sheikh to afford it! Ok, the last part may be true since […]

My dream trips – what are yours?

To date, I’ve travelled to more than 30 countries around the world. I count myself extremely lucky since I have been able to do all of this before I hit 30 (and no, I’m still not 30). Every place I’ve been to has opened my heart, mind and soul up a little bit, and helped […]

What to wear in Muslim countries: 5 tips to dress for conservative cultures – through Islamic Egypt

 (At the Pyramids of Giza – how should you dress?) I had a long debate with a Slovakian friend once. It was a heated discussion on whether or not you need to conform to the attire of the country you are in. My point was that if you are visiting someone’s country, you should respect the norms […]