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September 18

Moving on to

Dear readers, In case you have not been added to my subscriber list, I wish to notify you that I have moved! to Some of you who may have been with me for a while would notice that this domain has since returned to as I have moved on to self-hosting. You will […]

September 14

Road tripping the French Riviera

It was going to be my first time there. I don’t know why, but I was so excited. When you think about it though, there were so many other places, which could have more impact on me. Places with ‘real’ highlights, historical churches, coliseums, museums with incredible art for me to wonder hours on end. […]

August 26

Getting the best for less: Vienna, Austria

What do you think of when you think about Vienna? Old world charm? A grand ballroom? Voices of angels down from the sky? Horses dancing? What if I told you you can get all of that, but for a fraction of the price!   Old world ballroom dancing   I wrote here about my experience […]

August 21

Chasing a field of sunflowers: Lopburi, Thailand

One of my great loves is sunflowers. Something about them, their beautiful bright yellow, their great big openness, how seriously large they can grow, and how their main function is to find and face the sun just makes me happy every time I see them. There is a Malay word that describes this well, ceria, […]

August 02

Chasing the giants of the sea: Whale watching in Puerto Madryn, Argentina

Argentina has truly been one of the most amazing places I’ve visited. I wrote here on how I went to see a glacier wall down in the El Calafate. But before that, we had spent some time in El Chalten, and before El Chalten, in Puerto Madryn – in which I took a some 20 […]

July 17

In a nutshell – Lisbon, Portugal

“Hey Li, do you want to come and visit me in Lisbon? My company has a training trip there, so I have a free hotel room” I jump at the opportunity, after all I was living in Amsterdam, and it wasn’t such a stretch to go. I’ve never been to Portugal after all, and I […]

July 07

Supporting the AWE conference

Not so long ago, I was placed in contact with Runaway Juno by my friend Peggy (from Taking to the open road). For those of you who have heard of Juno you would know she is a well known travel blogger and especially so in Asia and a great role model for the Asian travel […]