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September 18

Moving on to

Dear readers, In case you have not been added to my subscriber list, I wish to notify you that I have moved! to Some of you who may have been with me for a while would notice that this domain has since returned to as I have moved on to self-hosting. You will […]

September 16

What to wear – African Safari

My friend Peggy from Taking to the Open Road dropped me this link a while back. It talks about how sometimes your holiday may require its own outfit. Now I don’t disagree with that (especially so if you had just happened to buy yourself an amazing massive ballgown), but what I found interesting was her commentary […]

August 28

Testing out the Dessy Dress

For those who travel for an extended period of time, you may start having time to go slower and enjoy your travels a lot more. You could even be thinking about doing nice dinners in restaurants or seeing a theater show. You could just want to dress up because you’re tired of wearing your beaten […]

August 19

Testing out the awesome Anatomie!

A while ago, I was linked up with Anatomiewear. The company focuses on making and selling stylish travel clothes. Now I know what you sometimes wonder. Can this be possible? How does this work? Is this just a gimmick? After all, even this website was built around the premise that you already own stylish travel […]

August 12

Secret Stash Bra

A bra; what a wonderful powerful invention. Not only do they help to tuck your twins in, with the right technology they could help perk it up, get you a husband, and make you feel powerful, all in one go.   But did you know some people have tried to take the functionality aspects one […]

August 03

What is your shoe size around the world?

(What’s my size? Know your numbers?) I’m guessing unless you have your shoe sizes memorized from all your travels you would face the same trouble as I do when buying footwear. Asian shops tend to use more European or UK based shoe sizes, so my biggest problems have always been when trying to buy online […]

June 22

Travel style faux pas – Part 2

In all my travels, I’ve seen some pretty funny (though sometimes necessary) but clearly not attractive things people do when travelling. I’ve written on how you could rectify some of the travel fashion faux pas. But what about just bad travel styles? I thought I would bring you some of my favourite travel style faux […]