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July 24

Interview with Fie from Travel Chameleon

This week we speak with Fie from on her fashion and travelling style. I thought it would be interesting to see how a self-proclained ‘hipster’ tends to travel. I also thought it would be interesting as she is also my sister (and fellow Malaysian travel blogger). But even though we both love travelling, our styles […]

July 19

Toilets from around the world

Most of us prefer not to talk about toilets. After all, isn’t this what you do in private? Away from the casual dinner conversations with friends and family, or from the story swapping with other travellers you’ve met along the way. What I’ve noticed though, is that even if sometimes you don’t talk about it, […]

July 10

Interview with Audrey from ‘That Backpacker’

Most of you may already know Audrey from ‘That Backpacker‘, what with her big smile, fun writing and incredible adventures across (currently Southeast Asia) she would be hard to miss. I was curious about how she’s been able to travel for such a long time and still remain stylish, and how she fits it all […]

July 07

Supporting the AWE conference

Not so long ago, I was placed in contact with Runaway Juno by my friend Peggy (from Taking to the open road). For those of you who have heard of Juno you would know she is a well known travel blogger and especially so in Asia and a great role model for the Asian travel […]

June 26

Where to stash your cash – how to keep your things safe at the beach

I really can’t wait to hit the beach. The upside of being based in Asia right now is that I have easy access to a lot of these places people think of as Paradise. Koh Samui? Less than two hours by plane. Langkawi? Less than two hours. Phuket? Yeaps, you guessed it, less than two […]

June 17

Interview with Carly from Lipgloss and a Backpack

This week I would like to introduce Carly from Lipgloss and a Backpack. Carly has travelled extensively, having covered 30 countries across three continents! What I find amazing about Carly is she always travels stylishly (even to the point of having amazing manicures and pedicures), and doesn’t compromise when it comes to style. She travels […]

June 07

Skill sets all travellers should have

You think you need to be organized, you think you need to be disciplined, and you think you need to be frugal to be a traveller. Those are all true, but there are other skill sets that you should really try to equip yourself with to enjoy any and all kinds of travels Swimming (Jumping […]