September 16


What to wear – African Safari

My friend Peggy from Taking to the Open Road dropped me this link a while back. It talks about how sometimes your holiday may require its own outfit. Now I don’t disagree with that (especially so if you had just happened to buy yourself an amazing massive ballgown), but what I found interesting was her commentary on how people tend to wear the exact same thing when travelling on a Safari.

Now there must be something about it that evokes this common belief that an African safari = khakis, browns and beiges. Don’t believe me? Google it up and I’m sure majority of the images are will be in those colors. This is particularly weird as when you may think about African styles, you tend to think of colors, prints, mix and match and beads. So why such great disconnect? and even more so, why keep wearing the same ‘cliche’ outfit associated with people long ago who came to conquer the lands?

Perhaps it’s time to step away from these expected outfits to check out a Safari. Pack away those beige, white and boring khaki and linen clothes, unless all you want to do is blend in with your environment. Instead, try out something different. Pack some soft colours, like soft pinks, turquoise or pastel greens. Bring some colored prints to infuse some livelihood into your outfits. Challenge the status quo! Stand out! and if you’re afraid of attracting an animals attention with bright red, there’s always subtle animal prints to go for.

Whattowear_African Safari

What do you think? Any other places that tend to evoke a consistent ‘travel uniform’ regardless of where everyone came from? Sound off below!