What to Wear – From Sheet wear to Street wear

When travelling, everything, and I mean everything you bring should be able to do at least double duty. I’ve written on how even your swim wear can be used for more than swimming, and now it’s time to also look at that other piece of your wardrobe that may not have really have thought about before – your night (re: pyjamas) wear!

What to Wear - From Night to Day


Even though fashion mavens the world over may have decried this, I still believe your night time silk,  satin or cotton camisoles can also be used out during the day as well. In this case, remember to restrain yourself. Don’t bring along those lacy tops that just scream! Boudoir, or anything that has a pyjama like print (re: ice cream cones! ß guilty party of one). Try to keep to a solid colour, but something that may have an interesting cut. Layer with a light cardigan or jacket and solid bottoms (i.e. jeans, or solid skirts) and you’re good to go. Wear a silky lace silk top with the wrong bottom and you may be mistaken for a Lady Marmalade backup dancer.

Pyjama sets

Yes, you heard me, pyjama sets! Now avoid those that really scream “I’m about to go to bed” or the cutesy one’s with Hello Kitty and kiss prints. If you’re going to go casual, grab a t-shirt style top with cotton shorts. Said shorts should not have any patterns on it, or read “juicy” across your behind. If you want to go matchy matchy though, make it look deliberate. Find those with small repeated prints and wear them as you would a suit with shorts. I have to say that unless you’re Alexa Chung, you may want to keep the smoking slippers at home and wear these with the most dressed up sandals or shoes or even better, wedges! That you have.

15. Marni for H&M  lou doillon(The trick is to dress it up)

Sleeping robe

For those who carry along just a slinky robe to cover themselves before tucking into bed, avoid the heavy terry cloth ones, or even worse! The dreaded Snuggie! Instead, choose a robe that would closest mimic a cardigan. And use them as outer layers during the day. Thinking of getting a structured one? Unbutton and use as you would a suit jacket.

Of course, you can always think about it in reverse as well, and just wear the things that you had planned for the day during the night. But in case you were thinking about dressing up your night wear, these tips may really help you travel in true comfort. After all, why keep your stylish bed time outfit just for the bed. Bring them out during the day, and show them off like the stylish night time wear style’s we’ve been seeing.