Testing out the awesome Anatomie!

A while ago, I was linked up with Anatomiewear. The company focuses on making and selling stylish travel clothes.

Now I know what you sometimes wonder. Can this be possible? How does this work? Is this just a gimmick? After all, even this website was built around the premise that you already own stylish travel clothes. It’s just about remembering to actually bring it with you on your trips and not be persuaded by travel style cliches (or worse, travel style faux pas). So I was excited when Anatomie hooked me up with a dress and a pair of pants to test out.

IMG_3672(The awesome Fatima dress has a see through lace bottom)

I had given a range of potential products to test, and received a Fatima dress and a pair of Kate skinny pants. I was so excited when they finally arrived (note: they only deliver to the USA currently) and especially so when I felt the material. They describe their clothes as designer wear that you can actually wear (and afford I might note) and it truly was. Made from fine French and Italian fabric, the dress felt like a soft cashmere glove when you put it on. The other amazing property of it? The fact that it travels wrinkle free! and it can be machine washed!

IMG_3671(My awesome Kate skinny pants)

I was so excited in fact that I wore the Fatima dress out that night for dinner! which really made me think, perhaps they have ventured into a whole new phase of having travel clothes that are so good that you wear them out in your normal everyday wardrobe.

IMG_4051(I liked it so much, I also actually wore this to work. I covered up the racerback with a black cardigan)

As for the Kate skinny pants? They were very comfortable, and versatile. What I love about skinny pants is that

  1. I can now fit into them
  2. You can pair it with easy voluminous tops

So let’s talk about the different dimensions I wanted to test for


These clothes are quite tough and heavy duty. You can easily stuff them in your bag without worrying about fragility and can be machine washed. However, I did have a scare when the lacy bottom of my Fatima dress caught on my ankle buckle as I was changing clothes. It didn’t snag though, but do be mindful and careful with that lacy bottom.


These clothes are great for travelling. Because they’re durable, you can stuff them in easily, but at the same time they’re very lightweight. The Fatima dress is a little heavier but still travels well. The Kate pants, weighed close to nothing, and took up even less space. The material is also very airy, which can be helpful when you’re sweating it out since it doesn’t really retain smell.


This is where Anatomie wins hand-down. Their designs are sleek yet unique. Think timeless with a bit of edge. (Check out their Abbe Leather Jacket as well). Their clothes are also very versatile. The Fatima dress I had for example, could have easily been dressed up for dinner with a pair of nice wedges and pretty jewellery, or dressed down with sandals (which is what I wore walking around Europe). I’ve already mentioned how the Kate skinny pants became an easy staple which again could be worn with heels or flats, and also with voluminous tops or cardigan and tight tanks.

photo-14(Wearing my Kate skinny pants out and about in Amsterdam)

In short, I couldn’t recommend this more! It’s really a great quality brand with beautiful designs. In fact, I really hope I can get my hands on a Monika Ballerina Dress when I get into NY!


For more amazing clothes by Anatomie, click on their link, here!