Interview with Sam and Zab from Indefinite Adventure!

This months guest interview is quite fascinating. It’s the first time I’ll be having the male perspective showcased, and the first time I’m having a couple interviewed. We have Sam and Zab from Indefinite Adventure. Sam and Zab have been a couple since 2005 but have never really lived together. In January 2013, they flew to Buenos Aires on one-way tickets to start travelling full time together. Hopefully they don’t end up killing each other and manage to make it as digital nomads.

Read on to see how their personal styles can differ, but in travel, some clothing can always be shared… when the other isn’t looking.

sam and zab bariloche(Sam and Zab from Indefinite Adventure)

Your website is called “Indefinite Adventure” which can sound a bit daunting! So tell us, how many bags do you travel with? And what’s in them?

Surprisingly, we only travel with one bag each. And they’re small enough to take on as hand luggage on a plane: Sam’s is 32 litres, and Zab’s is 40 litres. Click here for a list of what we left with, though this has changed slightly; expect an updated packing list on the site soon! In short, we each have 6 tops (including shirts and jumpers), 3 bottoms (including shorts), 2 pairs of footwear, 5 or 6 pairs of underwear, a hat, scarf and jacket each, toiletries, medicines and all of our electronics.

You are also our first couple to be interviewed! What are your travel fashion styles? And how different are your styles from each other?

Z: I think my style is very simple, contemporary and timeless. I’m not into very intricate or fussy designs and patterns (so no florals!); I’m more concerned with quality and fit when it comes to my clothing choices. I’m a big fan of British and French design, so John Smedley, Sunspel and Agnes B make up a large part of my travel wardrobe.

S: I like bright, block colours. I hate wearing things with logos or text on them. I think that’s the main difference in our styles; I wear a lot more bright colours than Zab. For example, if I’m choosing a new t-shirt to buy, if it fits nicely and is in a colour that I like and don’t already own a t-shirt in, it’s probably good enough for me.


zab2(Zab is all dressed up and ready to go)

Given you are together almost 24/7, do you also tend to share or exchange clothes or outfits? Or do you pretty much keep all your clothes to yourselves =) 

S: Absolutely we share clothes! Being the same size for tops and shoes is really handy as we travel, especially since I have fewer clothes than Zab in the first place, so if I run out of clean things to wear, I just raid his bag…when he’s not looking!

Z: I’m a bit precious about my clothes, and Sam is only allowed to borrow certain items…and reluctantly at that!

How different would you say your travel style differs from your daily style? What are the big differences?

Z: On travel days, if we’re going to be spending a lot of time on a plane or a bus for example, I tend to wear more comfortable clothes than for a day of exploring a new city, when I try to look my usual city-boy cool!

S: There is very little difference for me. I dress comfortably most of the time, and I’d actually rather have more flexibility and room to move when we’re walking around a city or going on a hike than just sitting on a bus all day, when I’ll wear whatever is clean and will keep me warm or coolest, depending on the temperature.

sam2(Sam is ready for any kind of weather) 

What would you say are the big lessons you’ve learnt from all of your packing and travelling?

We’ve definitely discovered that we are city boys, and have adjusted our travel style to mostly revolve around spending a lot of time in cities, with the occasional trip to the countryside in between! Therefore, we’ve realised we definitely don’t need to be carrying hiking gear or heavy duty fleeces or sleeping bags, as we’re just never really in an environment that necessitates such things. When we have been (for example when we toured Bolivia’s Southwest Circuit, we simply hired sleeping bags for extra warmth.

Have you ever seen the other commit a travel fashion faux pas or looked at each other getting ready for the day and thought “no, I’m not letting you out in that”

Z: Sam has this awfully frayed scarf that he insists on continuing to wear despite the fact that it has fallen apart. So, yes, this happens almost daily!

S: Zab has a tendency to want to overdress, in my opinion (of course he’d say that I usually underdress, so it’s of course relative!). Before we left on this trip in January 2013, he showed me some of the things he was considering packing, and I was like “dude, you must be crazy!” A sleeveless Versace top with sparkly black diamantes worthy of Madonna concert? I don’t think so! Fortunately, he decided not to pack it in the end.

(Editors note:  Sam is seen wearing the noted scarf in the introduction picture. It has now since been ‘retired’) 

Have you both ever faced a fashion emergency? How did you bounce back?

Z: In Bariloche, Argentina, we went kayaking, and even though I brought my swim shorts along with me, I didn’t think to change into them before we started and I ended up with a wet bum. My only choice for returning to town was to change into my dry swim shorts and walk through town with my normal shorts hanging off my bag to dry! I’m not without a sense of humour and mostly just laughed at myself…and certainly Sam joined in too!

zab3(When you gotta dry ’em, you gotta dry ’em)

So, not only are you our first couple to be interviewed, you’re also our first males! So from a guy’s perspective, what is your essential or favorite travel outfit?

Z: I would say a pair of comfortable trousers (not hiking trousers; maybe chinos or light jeans), a polo shirt, a light jumper and a pair of chic but practical shoes. I find these kinds of clothes very flexible, in that they can accommodate for changes in temperature and climate, which when travelling somewhere like South America, as we are doing, is very useful. Additionally, I’m currently on the hunt for a lightweight blazer to add to my travel wardrobe, so if anyone has any suggestions…

S: I actually like hiking trousers, and zip-off ones at that because I find them even more flexible for varying temperatures. They may not look great (Zab wouldn’t be seen dead in a pair!), but the ability to turn my trousers into shorts just like that is worth a lot to me, especially since I don’t deal so well as him with variations in temperature.

What advice would you give to someone who wants to travel stylishly?

S: Don’t ask me!

Z: You don’t need to pack 17 outfits; what you really need is a capsule wardrobe, where each item can be worn with multiple other items. Also, layers are your friend and the interchangeability can lend to the illusion that you have more items than you actually do!

sam1(Sam still rocks the same color scheme family though)

Thanks Sam and Zab for the great interview! Want to find out more about them and their Indefinite Adventure? Check out their links below