August 12


Secret Stash Bra

A bra; what a wonderful powerful invention. Not only do they help to tuck your twins in, with the right technology they could help perk it up, get you a husband, and make you feel powerful, all in one go.


But did you know some people have tried to take the functionality aspects one step further? so behold, given this is a website focused on fashion, travel and all the space in between; the additional functions of a bra! (Because everything you pack has to have at least double usage).


Silk Undercover Bra Stash by Eagle Creek

Use your bra to keep your valuables safe. This little silk pouch attaches to your bra and keeps everything well hidden from the public. Unless you’re going to let that cute Brazilian man feel you up. In which case you should consider where he puts his hands


Bra_secrets_BraStashbyEagleCreek(Look Ma! no hands!)


Keep your hands free by tucking all your belongings into the side of your ribs. Have some cash? no sweat, put it into the side pockets. Credit cards? don’t worry, keep them for emergencies by tucking it discreetly. It’ll also help to abate your spending. An iPhone? yes you can still tuck it in there! Though I wouldn’t recommend putting your now sweaty iPhone face against your own face. Best part is? They also have it in the sports bra wear, which means you can keep your hands free, look super sexy just in your sports bra and bring your fabulousness out for a quick run. I do wonder though, if you may end up looking a little bulkier because of this when you put a shirt on over.


JoeyBra(Maybe you should stick to things you don’t need to stick to your face)

Bra that turns into a shopping bag

Trust the Japanese to come up with the most innovative of ideas. Triumph international had actually come up with this idea circa 2006. Essentially you get a bra with awesome padding, and then the padding can be unzipped, opened up and turns into a small shopping bag. When you’re done, you can tuck it away back easily. Great for those sudden shopping urges you may have on a trip. Perhaps not so great if you happen to have big boobs and can’t really afford to leave them unsupported. I’ve always wondered if what they expect is for you to go to the bathroom, unhook your bra, transform it into a bag and then bring it out into the supermarket to go shopping.

no_shopping_bag_bra(My, what a beautiful lacy shopping bag you have there!)


Tintamar Vest Bag

This isn’t so much a bra as it is more like a bulletproof vest. In reverse of the Triumph bras, this is actually a shopping bag that can then be used to carry your things with on your body. Like a best. The handle straps become your shoulder straps and there are a lot of pockets in there. I’ve written before about wearing your baggage with you and about keeping your travel stash safe. This is in a way, the balance of both. 




There you have it! Even bras can do double (or I guess triple) duty if you choose the right one! Remember! everything you pack should at least be multi functional!

So what do you think? interested in getting one? Sound off below!