August 03


What is your shoe size around the world?

Shoe sizes(What’s my size? Know your numbers?)

I’m guessing unless you have your shoe sizes memorized from all your travels you would face the same trouble as I do when buying footwear. Asian shops tend to use more European or UK based shoe sizes, so my biggest problems have always been when trying to buy online since most of my preferred online shops are from the US. When discussing with Footzyfolds on which shoe I should test out, we came to a stalemate since I thought I was an extra small size (which they didn’t have). Turns out I was just converting it wrong.

I thought this would be helpful then when you’re overseas and trying to buy shoes for some friends. Just print out this graphic and carry it with you the next time you’re tempted to buy shoes (Louboutins!) for your friends and family. I’ve only included what I consider the most common of shoe size measurements. How to use it?  just start with your known shoe size and go up or down the chart to find the corresponding sizes in the country you need.

Now it’s time for new soles!