Glamourous Travel Camera Bags

So one of the perks or downside of travelling is the fact that you have to bring your SLR with you if you want good pictures. After all, even with the amazing technology nowadays, you still wont get as good a picture with your iPhone as you would with a proper camera. The downside of course is the fact that cameras tend to be bulky and heavy. And the last thing you want to do is look like a real tourist with your camera strapped around your neck. I’ve written here on the travel camera bag I used before, but I realized it’s come to a point where its kind of disintegrating. So it was time to look for something new. Arranged from most affordable to most expensive.

JoTotes – Abby Mint


I love the color of this bag and how it looks like a small shoulder bag. Open up the inside and you can compartmentalize up to four different spaces to put in your camera, lenses, wallet and perhaps a bottle of water as well. It also has an open back pocket that can discreetly keep your iPad mini. It also comes with convertible cross body straps Plus side? This camera bag is still pretty small.

Price – USD 89



Cheeky Lime – Livy Bag


Get ready for fall with the beautiful mustard color. The bag looks like a nice sleek and discreet tote but also has a zippered top to stop people from slipping their fingers in. There are enough padded compartments to keep a camera and up to three lenses. There is also a large divider area that can be used to keep a laptop or an iPad. Also comes with a detachable shoulder strap.

Price – USD 129


Kelly Moore – B-hobo bag


A hobo bag that can fit a camera?? No way! That was my initial impression when I saw this bag. But yes way indeed. It’s a little longer than your typical hobo bag (15”) but how else would you expect to be able to fit a your camera, a lens, water bottle and wallet. Oh and an iPad as well. Fully padded of course. It also comes with a detachable shoulder strap.

Price – USD 169


Epiphanie – Clover


How cute is this bag with its braided straps! As with most of the bags Ive found, this too comes with four Velcro detachable separators, so you can always re-jig your bag setting. The best part? The fact that it can fit in up to a 15” laptop as well AND still fit under the seat in front of you on the plane. I would say it’s the perfect balance for a travel blogger to tote their gear around.

Price – USD 184.99


Pompidoo – Kimberly camera bag


Step into the luxurious side of camera bags with this beautiful drool-worthy Kimberly bag. The design itself was sufficient to make me just want to buy it. The fact that it actually is a camera bag an amazing luxury. Its handmade out of genuine bovine plain leather with a beautiful brown exterior and a gorgeous hunter green interior lining. Did I mention that there is enough space for one camera, one lens and a bit of extra space? Perfect for someone like me who just carries one camera and tends to pack a lot of other things like a wallet, tissue paper, cell phone, etc.

Price – Euro 299



ONA bags – The Chelsea


Handcrafted with beautiful saffiano leather, this beautiful classic bowler bag has enough room for an SLR and up to three lenses. Even then! You can also keep your wallet, other personal items and an iPad. And as always, it comes with a detachable leather crossbody strap. A bowler camera bag!! Amazing

Price – USD 369


Any of these tickle your fancy? or any other camera bag recommendations to include? sound off below!