Travelling with jewelry

I think the easiest way to upgrade or refresh an outfit lies in the use of accessories. I’ve shown how a simple white tee and jeans can take on numerous personalities here. And I’ve shown how I added color to my basic black and white outfits here. So the question that remains is how should you be transporting your jewelry?

You could opt for plastic zipped compartments, or jewelry cases that could be rolled up and stuff packed. You could even save money and just pack them up in different ziplock bags and pack it around your clothes. But for those who would like to bring your jewelry around in style, I have the following suggestions (from most expensive to cheapest):

Red envelope’s personalized jewelry bag


This beautiful leather folio can even be personalized with your initials. It has beautiful snap enclosures inside to make sure you can lay out your necklaces and that it won’t get tangled. The faux suede lining and cover also helps protect your necklaces from your rings or earrings lined up on the opposite side.

Close-ette too’s Signature Travel Jewelry Case

Close-ette too

Touted as the ‘Birkin’ of jewelry bags, their signature line comes with a waterproof linen exterior and three ultra suede pages inside. The three pages means you get to bring a lot more jewelry, and you can even buy additional pages to add inside if you feel that you need more. They also have a smaller wallet-sized jewelry case if you only need to bring a few things.

Reed and Barton’s Gena Tri-fold jewelry box


This travel case comprises of three panels which have zippered pockets, a panel to button down your necklaces or bracelets, and a third panel to hold down your rings and earrings.  It has a genuine suede exterior and a faux suede interior for some luxurious feels.

Stella and Dot’s jewelry roll


What really attracted me to their jewelry roll is the use of multicolor and patterns on the exterior. It has a microsuede interior, and an easy to wipe clean exterior. It comes in multiple patterns (I love their multistripe) and can fold flat. You can also check out their hang-on travel case, which is helpful, when you’re travelling and just want to see all your jewelry options together.

Lug’s Flipper Jewelry Clutch


The difference between this clutch and the others is that it comes more as a pouch rather than the panel or folio style jewelry rolls of the others. It has multiple pockets, including two removable pockets. Like the others, it does come with button snaps to make sure your necklaces don’t get tangled, as well as a snap ring holder. They have also included a mesh pocket that can keep your earrings separated. The best part is that it also has external pockets that you can use to keep a bit of makeup or sunglasses if you need it.

Diva’s Jewelry Storage Bag


If you’re looking for something truly utilitarian, you could go for Diva’s foldable storage bag. Incidentally this is the one I’ve been using on my travels and you can see it featured here as well. The upside of this is that you can easily see all your jewelry on display. It even comes with hooks right at the bottom so you can easily hang all your necklaces down once you’ve settled into your hotel. The downside of these plastic enclosures though, is that you may end up with faulty pockets and zippers. I found out the hard way when one day I zipped the pockets shut and the zipper came off in my hand. I had to unzip it manually and couldn’t fix it ever since. I guess for $10 bucks though, you shouldn’t expect too much.

So these are my suggestions for stylish and fun travel jewelry cases. But to note, if you don’t feel like paying the price for these, you can easily make some yourself. There are plenty of tutorials you can download to make a roll-up jewelry case (needs to be stitched) or one’s that you can make with a pair of scissors, glue and some foam padding.

Sound off below! How would you normally transport your jewelry?