What to Wear – Travelling for a wedding

Sometimes you travel purely for leisure. But sometimes you have to travel for other reasons, like a wedding. If you’re lucky, you could tack on a long holiday as well. I’ll be heading over to Amsterdam in 10 days for a wedding of my bf’s friend which would then lead into an extended vacation for us. In anticipation of the whole trip, my biggest challenge was, what’s the best type of dress to wear for a destination wedding?

Some things to keep in mind if your intention was to mix wedding + vacation together is

1) You should consider bringing something that travels wrinkle free : This for me is the most important thing. Who wants to see you in a wrinkled dress? if you’re lucky you could have an iron in the hotel you’re staying at. But what if you don’t?

2) You may want to consider a dress that can do double duty elsewhere if you’re planning to continue on your vacation. So something that isn’t too formal would work. Maybe opt for a knee length dress if you’re travelling in warmer climate or you could opt to bring a beautiful long maxi dress if you’re going somewhere cooler.

3) I would also opt for something that may not be too heavy if going for a much longer trip. If its really just a weekend, then I guess bringing a heavier dress wouldn’t be too much of a concern

Right before heading out(Me and the Mr. travelled to Ipoh for a wedding. I wore a fully sequin dress to avoid showing up wrinkly)


I present four options for what you could pack to wear for a wedding (and for some, to continue on your journey). The one thing all four has in common, is that they can all travel wrinkle free

  • A sequin dress can easily be rolled up to be packed. Just remember to overlay the top and bottom with a piece of oil free tissue paper before you roll it up to make sure the sequins don’t snag on each other, or on any other outfit you have. Do note though, a fully sequined dress can be heavy, so you may have to make up for it on your carry on by reducing elsewhere
  • Lace, similar to a sequin dress can easily be scrunched up and rolled out and and still look presentable. Lace can be very fragile though, so make sure to treat it accordingly so. You could even consider rolling it up in tissue paper and stuffing it in your shoes if you need to
  • Jersey knit dresses are the best friend for a travelling fashionista. These things don’t wrinkle and can be rolled up easily
  • If you’re going to choose a patterned dress because you don’t want to iron, just make sure the print is busy enough so as to distract from any wrinkles that may appear. If you’re going to opt only for slight patterns, you would probably have to figure out a way to make sure its wrinkle free, since lets face it, rolling or folding any of these would result in fold patterns instead

And for some of these dresses – i.e. the Jersey knit and the patterned dresses, choose well and you could easily bring it on the rest of your vacation! At least you’re guaranteed something more formal for that last minute oh-so-romantic dinner you may end up going to.

So what do you think? What’s your fail safe go-to-wedding outfit? and can it be used for travelling on?