Testing out my Adrian Footzyfolds

I wrote here on awesome foldable footwear. I was very curious about how these shoes would actually be for travelling, so I was delighted to receive a pair of Adrian Footzyfolds to test out.

First impression – amazing comfort, beautiful design, durable

I was super excited from the get go. I owned a pair of footzyrolls a while ago and wasn’t too keen on using it since I thought the sole was too thin. I could feel the pebbles when I walked. Now these babies (the Adrian) is actually from their Footzfolds luxe collection. The awesome part is the insole itself is very well padded. It literally felt like I was walking around in a really comfy pair of those fluffy hotel slippers. They also have really good outsole – durable, hardy and good enough traction (I mean don’t expect it to have like sneakers like traction, let’s be real).

I asked my friends what they thought of the look. Most couldn’t even guess that these were a pair of shoes that could fold up and be easily stashed away. One of our favorite feature was its bright yellow trim, which coupled with the cute zebra print really came off as looking cute but not too cutesy.


Footzyfolds and Footzyrolls shoes are predominantly used as commuter shoes, or emergency shoes I guess. Most people would use them on a train or a bus and then switch to their high heels when they get to work. Or surreptitiously kept away in your handbag to be whipped out after a long night of dancing.


My concerns 1: Toebox connection

That being said, they may not be your pick as one of the basic three shoes you should bring when travelling. Even though its very comfortable, and I think does have enough arch support, my concern was more around where the insole connects to the shoe at the tip of the toe. I’ll try to describe it. The part where the insole meets the shoe (in the toebox) is not sewn together, so you could feel the borders between the two and the gap if your toes reach all the way to the front. You won’t feel it if you’re wearing the shoes for a short while, but it becomes apparent after having the shoes on for eight hours.

My concerns 2: Carrier bag

They also provide a drawstring bag for you to carry your other shoes (re: high heels) in when you’re wearing your foldable shoes. The bag is purely utilitarian,  and only has drawstings rather than any form of handle, so it may look a little funny carrying around on its own if you cant stash it in your handbag.

 ownbrands_foot(ah-ha! I found a description/ anatomy of a shoe. Thank you internet!)

My concerns 3: Foldable?

The last concern I had was around its foldable feature. A friend asked me to demonstrate how it works, and at this point I had been wearing it around for about 4 hours. I tried showing her, but did feel that it had picked up a bit of dirt along the way, which then felt a little icky to fold into itself since it meant the dirty heel was being folded into the top roof of the shoe. (I know I’m not explaining the shoe areas very well right now, sorry! I should get a shoe description glossary). My friend recommended it may be better if it actually folded into itself outwards (where the heels would touch each other) but I guess you couldn’t keep it folded if done that way….


Overall I have to say my experience with the Adrians were wonderful. They were comfy, cosy and cute and they weighed so little and takes up so little space in your bag. Even though I have some concerns on the insole, the carrier bag and the way it folds, the pros clearly outweigh the cons in this one. Especially if you think about using them as what their core purpose is meant to be – as commuter/ and emergency shoes.

They could even be emergency shoes for when you travel. After all, you never know when you might need to mix it up a little.  I recommend the luxe collection due to its super cosy (and bouncy) insole, and not to mention their amazing range of super stylish shoes. You could never even tell that some of them were foldables!


**I received a pair of Adrian’s from Footzyfolds, however all opinions here are as always, my own. You can find more Footzyfolds here