Where to stash your cash – how to keep your things safe at the beach

I really can’t wait to hit the beach. The upside of being based in Asia right now is that I have easy access to a lot of these places people think of as Paradise. Koh Samui? Less than two hours by plane. Langkawi? Less than two hours. Phuket? Yeaps, you guessed it, less than two hours.

 Flipflops(Cute flippies) 

The downside of hitting the beach to me has always been the worry of losing your things. You could be one of those people who bring a beach tent with a zippered entrance to keep your stash safely inside. You could tag team with your friend or partner so that one person is always guarding your things. But where’s the fun in that? So here are some suggestions on how to stash your stash.

Dig a hole – under your blanket

This involves making sure most of your things are in a waterproof, dirt proof bag. Keep it at the edge of your blanket first. Keep your legs spread and pretend like you’re just playing with the sand. Dig up a hole, and surreptitiously drop your bag in. Stand up and ‘adjust’ your blanket over the hole. Head on out for a swim.

Warning: make sure you don’t do this right before the tide comes in… and washes away your blanket and stash.

Cut open an old sunblock bottle, or lip gloss container, or a book


Choose an item that is pretty ubiquitous on the beach like a sunblock container, or lip gloss. You could even take an old book you don’t use anymore and just hollow it out to keep your things. Use this to keep your things safe and sound. After all, people wont think twice about things that are plainly out to see. But just make sure you don’t accidentally swap with someone else’s sun block!

Warning: some people may also choose to do this with Pringle containers or soda cans, but personally I feel that those things are more likely to be stolen than a bottle of sun block… or maybe after sun tan bottle. Who brings those to the beach anyway?

Get an actual beach item that can secretly stash things away

Like my review on Travel Spy Wear, there are some companies out there who have developed products perfect for stashing things away in their secret compartment.

Towelmate has a beach towel that comes with two large pockets built into the head and side of the towel. It’s also big enough to keep your iPad safely stashed away in a pretty stylish beach towel.


ArchPort has the ArchPort and SlotFlops flip flops that have a secret compartment built into the arch. The secret area has enough space to keep at least three cards in each shoe, cash or keys. Perfect for a quick run to the pool, and with enough money to buy a drink.


Warning: These things are quite cute, so be careful that people don’t just run off with your towel or your flip flops!


Alternatively of course, you could always make friends with the people around you and ask a favor of them to watch over your things. This does still involve a high level of trust of course, so choose wisely.

And if you’re completely skeptical of all of the above, you could keep your things as close to the water’s edge, dip in and hang out nearby, and keep a hawk eye view on your things.  Warning though – this doesn’t sound like it would be an awesome beach vacation.


So let me know, any other tips to keep your things safe while you take a dip?