Travel style faux pas – Part 2

In all my travels, I’ve seen some pretty funny (though sometimes necessary) but clearly not attractive things people do when travelling. I’ve written on how you could rectify some of the travel fashion faux pas. But what about just bad travel styles?

I thought I would bring you some of my favourite travel style faux pas moments. And for some odd reason, you would see most of these in Asia.

  • The solo travellers camera stick


It’s hard to fault someone for this because after all you sometimes do travel alone… and sometimes to pretty amazing sights. And sometimes that guy you were thinking about asking to help take a picture, was either old enough to not know how to use your camera, or young enough that you worry he might run off with it. So, you decide, screw it, I’m just going to take a picture myself. Your picture may come out looking ok, but people would probably be staring at you as you take it.

GlamourousTraveller_Ipoh weekend 001  (I too fall victim to the solo traveller’s camera stick)

  • The facekini


We’ve been told time and time again that when visiting a beach you should always use sun block. Because after all you may give yourself skin cancer. But some people here in Asia have other reasons for doing so. Some equalize fairness with beauty, and therefore try as much as possible to avoid the sun. Even when you decide to head to the sea. And jump in. And swim. And hang out on the beach.

  • The visor helmet


I’ve seen people wearing visors before, and even though I don’t think it’s the ‘90s anymore, I understand that sometimes wearing a visor can be kinda cool. ‘Coz you know, you get the shade, but you still get a bit of the sun. But the visor helmet takes it to the next level. It’s angled in a funny way and comes all the way down to your chin. Wear one when you’re going cycling to keep the sun off your face, because again like the facekini, god forbid you actually get a bit of a tan. I think the company would be better off marketing it as an anti bug helmet for when you’re cycling.

  • Drop crotch harem pants/ fishermen pants


This is probably my third time calling this a fashion faux pas (you can check out here and here). But I can’t help myself. They seem to have taken over the world of cheap souvenir/ beer/ tank tops. It needs to stop. If you could easily smuggle a watermelon by keeping your knees locked tight and pulling your pants over it, you clearly need to be wearing something else.

  • Using your tablet to take a picture


Think that tourists carrying a DSLR and extracting large zoom lenses was bad enough? Enter the new tourists species. Flushed with new wealth and brand-spanking-new technology these tourists have no qualms about lifting up their entire iPad and using the large screen to take a picture. Thus clearly blocking any chance of a good shot you could have had.

  • Visible panty line (VPL)

480px-VPL_Visible_Panty_Line_1(Source: Wikimedia commons)

This would be specifically to the Glamourous Travellers out there. Ladies, I know it can be tough on the road, and I know sometimes you just want to wear something that’s a little special, and maybe a little skin tight. Please give the same courtesy you would if you were in your home town and bring along a thong, or seamless underwear. People in other countries have enough issues as it is, and don’t really need to see that.

These are my personal takes, but would love to hear from you if there is something you’ve seen before and went “why??”.

The Telegraph also had a compilation of their own holiday faux pas. You can check it out here.