Testing out The Chick on the Go!

I wrote a while ago on The Chick on The Go. It’s a an all inclusive solution to when you need to grab a bag and go travelling somewhere. It’s essentially a readily curated wardrobe that fits into a super cute bag that can be easily carried on. I had been excited about testing it out, and after getting everything tailored to fit me, I finally took it on the road.

I chose to test it out for a long weekend in Malaysia because I figured it was an easy place to test it out. I wouldn’t have to worry about anything else, and could focus on whether or not I really liked it. The best part was, because it was a long weekend home, I had to go through a few different things on my agenda.

Day 1: Going to work and then flying off.

Part of the challenge was that I had to actually go to work (my day job, not my night/weekend fashion cape crusader) and then directly fly off. I had to make sure whatever I wore was office appropriate, still professional looking, and I had to make sure all my hand carry items were below 10 kg.


Things I brought in addition to the clothes from Chick on the Go were my pair of pastel pink Miu Miu heels, a pair of sandals and a whole lotta accessory. I wanted to make sure I wasn’t tempted by any other options, so I only packed the CoTG as my clothing. I brought no other clothing home.  I still packed my Chick on the Go bag in another carry on bag since I wanted to bring the shoes and accessories. Everything excluding my laptop and handbag was only 4.5 kg.

Night time: My family was very interested and keen on the idea of testing out the clothes. I had to go to brunch the next day, then spend two days with my mother, and then out for drinks with friends.  So my mother and I spent the night playing around and trying to make as many cool funky combo’s as possible.

photo-11  (My accessory arsenal)

Day 2: Brunch and a little shopping

Initially I had planned on wearing the black skirt as a one shouldered toga top, with the black slacks on underneath. I was going to belt it at the waist to keep my shape and making sure I don’t accidentally flash someone when I raised my arm. But then I remembered my friend was bringing her baby girl. A wriggling baby sitting on my could accidentally pull the whole outfit down. So I opted for a safer and more casual/ brunch lady look. The best part was that this was truly a day outfit, and I felt pretty cute in it.


Evening time: Color withdrawal starts kicking in. I start missing all my other multi-colored patterned dresses and go into a shopping frenzy.

Day 3: A whole day walking around with my family

I stay strong and refuse to wear anything I had just bought, even though the thought of new clothes, colors and different cuts and materials was oh-so-tempting.


The outfit of choice was to take the black dress, tuck it into the pants, and tie up the straps together with the white scarf provided. It reminded me a little of the black and white bow Valentino outfit (Jenifer Aniston) and the white dress black bow Valentino dress Anne Hathaway wore. I unfortunately didn’t have a brooch with me to keep it really looking like a bow. But I figured, it still looked pretty cute to me.


Night time: Originally I was going to go back and put on the one shouldered toga top/ skirt to go out with my friends, but I was running late. So instead took out the white bow, released the spaghetti straps and added an extra gold necklace, and went out in a look reminiscent of a black jumpsuit.

I had told all my friends about the product testing plan for the weekend and was met with incredulous “you’ve been wearing the same thing all weekend?” Yes dear readers, I was planning on testing out the quick dry from wash property the product had touted, but didn’t have the time.

By end of day 3, my mother commented that “I’m a little tired of only seeing you in black and white, don’t they have it in other colors as well?”

Day 4: Flying back home

By this day I was getting tired of the black and white as well. You must know that Kuala Lumpur is a fashionable city. Women do enjoy dressing up and strutting around showing their style. Unlike travelling to some countries where I would be oh-so-happy to truly blend in, KL is not where you want to do that. KL is happy, fun, stylish and youthful. KL is colors damnit! And I was missing colors!


Which may explain why I thought it was completely acceptable to wear a multi-colored necklace, earrings and a red headscarf to head home. Again, I had planned on at least trying on the toga top plan, but trying to catch a flight and balance all the bags I had, I was again worried that something may accidentally slip.

All in all I can tell you is this.

On a comfort level, their clothing is unparalleled. It’s so comfortable and cosy that many friends actually commented on how comfortable they looked. Also since I had resolved to only bring my CotG as my wardrobe, I did end up sleeping in them as well. Perfect.

The clothing is wonderful if you’re channeling Angelina Jolie. Known for her almost all black ensembles, this would be perfect if you’re a big fan of the black and occasional white. If you’re anything like me though, you’re going to be going through colorful clothes withdrawal and pretty soon. I brought along an entire arsenal of accessories to keep my outfits interesting. But if you’re more utilitarian though, and a fan of the easy mix and match of black and white, by all means, this is a great thing to have.

As I mentioned, the one thing I haven’t been able to test for yet was its quick dry material. For me personally, the clothes were great as an addition or a base to your travel wardrobe, but maybe bring along an extra colorful outfit or two if you’re going for longer than a long weekend or you’re going to a place where you would like to stand out. Other than that though, the soft material and easy feel really makes for a great travel outfit. It also skims beautifully (rather than cling) over your body making it flattering to all body types. It also is pretty versatile making it great for different things and events you may have planned for your trip.

You can check out more on The Chick on The Go here

**Disclaimer: I received a free sample from TheChickOnTheGo for product review; however all opinions expressed here are my own.

So tell me, what do you think about my outfit choices from Chick on the Go?