What shoes to wear for travel in the summertime?

It’s getting warmer now! I’ve written before on the what shoes to wear when traveling . I figured, with the weather warming up, you may be thinking about getting shoes that show off your pedicure, are light, but comfortable, and durable for travel. So I give you, a few other options for good travelling footwear.

Jelly shoes

A lot of people have considered jelly shoes as the new bastion of comfort shoes. I do enjoy the little bounce in step that they provide, and the absorption of impact. But do note that for durability, it’s a little tough to travel with these babies continuously. Due to its design, heat and sweat do tend to get trapped in. As a result, when I used these to walk around in the summertime/ or in places with summer/ tropical weather, I ended up with blisters from the shoe rubbing against my feet. Because I’m such a sucker for the pair that I had though, I had to continuously douse it with baby powder to help reduce the rubbing. But for springtime, when it’s still a little cool and your feet don’t sweat as much, this could probably work well. Also, you may want to consider getting them in a sandal form rather than a shoe form.

31140-vw-virtue-black-gloss-50801 JuJu V361835

(L-R: Melissa’s VW Virtue, Asos JuJu Vicky, Victoria’s Secret Jeweled Jelly Sandals)


These are what I consider the superset of ballet flats – essentially most types of slip-on footwear these days. They could be smoking shoes, boat shoes, ballet flats or others, but what they do have in common is that they are typically fully covered (in the back especially). But of course no biggie if they have peep holes or cut-outs. These are essential because walking about with your shoes flopping off your feet can be really annoying when you have a backpack on your back and travelling miles of cobblestone. Make sure to get one with a padded sole for better arch support, and plus points if it has good grips on its bottom to avoid slipping on smooth stone.

31176-campana-corallo-rose-glitter-52088 Bertie Jezzica

(From L-R: Campana Corallo, Bertie Moiran, Victoria’s Secret Jezzica Flats)


Similar to slip-ons, it’s important to make sure these have enough backstrap support to stay on your feet the entire time you’re travelling. These would be the easiest to dress up or dress down depending on the style you choose. Again, make sure they have enough padding on the sole to be comfortable, but more importantly test it by walking around a few times to make sure the sandal straps don’t bite into your leg. Also, if you’re getting ones with a clasp on them, check to see if they’re hook or button kinds. The actual buckle kinds can be cute, but will be a pain if you’re off to see temples and need to keep taking them on and off.

CrocsHuarache image-baretraps-shoe1-S2013 SwingFlatSandals

(From L-R: Crocs Huarache Sandals, Bare Traps, Victorias Secret Swing Flat Sandals <– on sale now)

(and thanks to SoujournWithStacey for the Bare Traps recommendation)


I’ve written here how flip flops comprise of one of my three footwear essentials when travelling. The most important part being how you’re inadvertently going to need something that can get wet so that you can wear them in the shower (if needed). So again, look for something with a back strap to make it easy for you to walk around. Make sure its from a material that doesn’t wear out when continuously wet. Also if you’re going to get one with the divider stub between the big toe and second toe, make sure to test it out so that it doesn’t keep rubbing as you walk. Blisters on the beach is a definite travel no-no.

Havaianas high straps chain HAVAIANAS_MODEL_Grace_ChiliRed

(L-R: Havaianas high strap special collection, still in love with the Havaians Grace)

charm_black_ipanema_sandal_flipflop pharoah_pink_ipanema_flipflop

(L-R: iPanema’s charm ladies sandal, iPanema’s premium pharoah <– I’m such a sucker for pink)

What do you think? any other shoes you would recommend for summer travel?