Drinking Travel bottles on the go!

One of the most important things to do when travelling is to hydrate hydrate hydrate! You may not realize it as much in cool climates, but you’re walking around a lot and your body needs a lot of hydration to keep it going. Feeling light headed? Dry? Tired? There’s a good chance that taking a nice cool swig of water would help you feel better.

Now you could of course go around buying water every time you need a drink. But let’s face it; this can’t be the best thing for the environment, especially if you’re talking about drinking at least 2-3 litres of water a day. A better option would be to make sure you have a water bottle with you, and refill it whenever and wherever you can.

Bobble water bottles

1_bobble_med_magenta_385x650(I’m a sucker for pink)

For those of you worried about the quality of water in some countries, this is probably the water bottle for you. Originally developed to help reduce the impact of plastic bottles on the environment, these water bottles comes with its own water filter that can help take out chlorine and organic contaminants  from potable water.

Vapur foldable water bottles

Vapur(Cute graphics, especially as you fill in and drink out)

These are the bottles you want for when you’re travelling around and tired of lugging extra space in your bag. The Vapur water bottles actually fold flat when empty making it easy for you to stash in your carry-on bag or in your handbag and can easily be re-filled when you have the opportunity. Some even has its own clip to keep the bottle nicely folded. You could easily keep one on hand.

Nalgene water bottles

16 Ounce Wide Mouth-2T(They also come in bright colors)

I’ve always been a Nalgene girl at heart which started back in my college days. The strength and durability of the Nalgene is so well known that one year an item included on UoC’s infamous Scavenger Hunt list included destroying a Nalgene anyway you can. I hear rumours that people tried to get a bus to run over it, to no avail. Legend has it it was finally broken apart by using some kind of combustible/ explosive device from inside of the bottle. This is a bottle you want to carry if you’re planning on going hardcore hiking or mountain climbing, or if you’re careless and tend to drop your water bottles. A lot.

Sigg water bottles

SiggBottle(Cute ‘mo)

You have probably seen some people totting this around on your jaunts in Europe with its trademark steel look and Siwss flag logo. The Sigg water bottles are made of sleek aluminium or stainless steel with a non-toxic internal coating. These bottles are also quite durable ranging as more durable than the Vapur and Bobble, but less durable than the Nalgene (I’ve seen a friend’s bottle get completely dented the minute he dropped it). That being said though, I find this bottle to be the best if you wanted to keep your drink nice and cold for a longer period of time (compared to the rest).


As for how to re-fill them. You could always opt to

1) Buy a large bottle of water to be kept in your hotel room and refill your bottle from there

2) Refill with your drinkable tap water (if really drinkable that is)

3) You could ask in some restaurants/ airplanes/ hotels if you could get help to refill your bottle. This probably only works once in each location and should be accompanied with huge doe-eyed “please help me” look

photo (20)(Free water in Myanmar)

4) In some parts of the world, good Samaritans actually have drinking water kept outside for public consumption. I saw this mainly in Myanmar where a person could just pour out a cup for a quick drink. Don’t be an arse and finish up all the water though, just refill enough to get you to your next station

5) Water fountains if available of course

 Were there any bottles that you liked that were not included in the list? Sound off below