Do I really need a travel wallet? – Part 2

I’ve written before about getting a new travel wallet and the different compartments or reason why I used one here. The wallet I had chosen then was actually quite sleek and slim. I then receive a new travel wallet as a present.

This one was a lot thicker, and was more along the lines of what you would imagine a travel wallet would look like. It has a lot of dividers in it and can easily split out 6 different compartments.

So when should you use a wallet like this? Now I really wouldn’t recommend using this kind of wallet unless you’re in one of the following three situations

1)        You’re travelling to an extremely ‘manual’ country and would need to print out and keep all itineraries, receipts, entrance tickets to different national parks, and different currency sets to be used. This was the case for me in Myanmar where credit cards are generally not accepted and you pay for your hotels typically in crisp US dollars, and everything else in local currency. I am emphasizing CRSIP, CLEAN dollars – i.e. not bent at all.

TravelWallet2(Mine was a Kikki K travel wallet which can be found here)

2)      You’re travelling with a large group and you’re in charge. This means making sure all the different itineraries and tickets need to be kept in place. You may also need to collect money from different individuals for different things at different times of the trip. This kind of wallet would help keep everything divied up easily for use. I had this experience when I was travelling through New Zealand with my family and had to make sure we knew all the different flight itineraries, car rental details, hotels details, and ticket details.

Aspinal of London Pink(I think I’m in love with this gorgeous Lizard print and cream suede travel wallet from Aspinal of London)

3)      You’re travelling to multiple countries. You could easily bring along a folder with dividers, but a travel wallet like this can still fit into your handbag easily (easier than a folder for sure) and also has enough pockets to keep itineraries and different currencies separated easily. It would be especially helpful in situations like travelling Southeast Asia where each country you travel to would carry a different currency with it, and probably would mean different transportation and hotel bookings.

20smythson-barsamian-blog480(My dream travel wallet would have to be this one from Smythson, look at how beautiful this is)

If you are looking to get a travel wallet with good divider systems, make sure that you also get one that closes all around. Either a full round zip, or a clasp cover would be ideal to make sure nothing falls out.

set-aqua__77698.1359005545.1280.1280( A far more affordable option in a pretty variety of colors from Gogogear)

There are also some wallets that come with multiple zip or card pockets. I find these especially helpful if you wanted to also store away your sim or memory cards, or to keep control of which credit card you will be using in which country.

If you don’t find yourself in any of these situations, I would recommend you use a normal flatter and thinner travel wallet or just a good passport cover and wallet. The downside of these kinds of wallet is without a doubt the bulk of it, but there is a large upside if you find yourself in of the situations above.

So tell me, which ones would you prefer? and what kind of travel would you use them for?