Space savers: The best of the foldable footwear

Some of us will know the perils of running around in high heels all day. Your feet get tired and sometimes sore. You get a bit cranky, or grumpy. And then you sit down for lunch or coffee and surreptitiously take off your shoes. Freedom! And then of course dread putting them back on again. L A lot of companies are available out there who have built foldable shoes – perfect for the woman on the go who wants to look chic in the office, but would like to be able to walk around easily. These types of shoes can also be good for travel as they take up less space and make it easy to lug around. And so, I bring you my selection!

Rollable Travel rainboots! By CitySlips

Perfect for rainy days (and more affordable than the rollable Hunter’s), these boots pack away easy by rolling the top down and fitting them into the special waterproof rainboot bag. In its rolled up form, it shouldn’t take up more space than a makeup bag

CitySlips_boots CitySlips_Rolled

Preetiest footwear – the Juliana By Footzyfolds

Footzyfolds_JulianaSONY DSC

I actually wasn’t sure if these could fold down because I sincerely thought they were just a pair of really pretty flats. Unlike most other companies, Footzyfolds also has a range of strappy sandals, as well as ballet flats, which have become the norm when it comes to foldable footwear. The Juliana, Paris, and Joan ranges can be beautiful alternatives to ballet flats for when you are travelling.

Most plush – Tieks


Created using the finest Italian leather, this company has reinvented the foldable ballet flats and taken it to the next level. They’ve also taken a page out of Louboutin’s books by having a trademark teal bottom.  They also have a wide range of flats ranging from patterned leather (snakeskin print anyone?) to the classics, to patent leather. They also have a Vegan collection where Tieks will plant a tree through the Nature Conservatory for every pair bought.

Prettiest matching bag – by Damn Heels


Almost all foldable shoes that we see nowadays tend to come with a small bag for easy storage in your handbag. Some companies have improved on that and made sure the bag can also fold out into an easy tote for you to store your high heels whilst you use the flats. Damn Heels foldable flats come with a beautiful storage bag that looks like a clutch and can be opened up into a pretty tote with prints and a top flap that will match your shoes. No more wardrobe worries! (p/s: that corset detailing on the back of their Champagne collection is divine!)


Flippest of the flip-flops – by Salvatos


If you’re tired of covered toe flats and want to let your feet breathe a little, you could get the patented foldable flip flops by Salvatos. They come in solids, prints and even a premium model if you wanted a little bling bling on your feet. I think they could also be perfect for that spontaneous trip to the beach and can be used in an emergency bathroom shower situation.


These could help save some space whilst travelling, and of course can be a lifesaver after a long day or event in heels. Do note however, for long term travel, I cannot attest to the durability of the products. I would of course be keen to hear any feedback you may have if you own any one of these. Is it comfortable for long term wear? Does it have arch support for long walks? Drop a note below!