What to Wear – Recycling your swimwear

What to Wear_Recycling your swimwear

When travelling, you and I know that every single item you bring needs to count. The more versatile the piece, the better for travel. For example being able to take a knee length asymmetrical skirt and turn it into a poncho top, or even a one shouldered toga top, making three different outfits.

We tend to think that swimwear is just that – swimwear. But the truth is, by picking different kinds of swimwear, you can actually adapt and include it into your day to day wear as well.

Fully covered swimsuits

If you prefer fully covered swimsuits, try to pick one’s with bold patterns, fully covered backs and perhaps even detachable straps. Think about using it as you would a  corset or bustier top. All the suits selected in this top section could easily be taken from sea time to day time by adding a nice pair of long slim pants to balance showing off more at the top. A swimsuit with peplum is even easier to translate into day wear by tucking your pants waistband under the peplum skirt.

Tank bikini tops

Granted, to be able to use these kinds of bikini tops as a day top you would probably need to be comfortable showing off a good portion of your abs/ tummy. But if you do dare, the current collections of tank bikini tops make a great alternative as day wear with the myriad of prints, colors and patterns. To shift from sea wear to day wear, just include a nice long vest and add with either long bottoms or short bottoms for a relaxed more hippy-fied vibe.

Bikini tops

Most of us may have only a collection of regular solid color bikini tops. But no fret! even these can easily handle double duties. If in your daily life you typically use a padded bra, you probably would get a padded bikini top. When travelling, these bras can easily be a substitute for your daily bras. Especially if they have no other embellishment on them (i.e. ruffles, hard wear) and have shoulder straps rather than halter straps. Though I concede, that is probably a personal choice. Other upside for using a bikini top as an alternative bra is that you can wash and dry them easily, and you would always be ready for that spontaneous dip in the waterfall in the middle of Laos.

So the next time you’re including swimwear in your travels, try to think about the multiple uses you could have with them as well.