Beating Jet Lag : the anti-Jet Lag manifesto

You’ve just stepped off a plane into your new country. Or perhaps you have just arrived back in your home country. Either way a promise of a new adventure is about to start, or the memories of a wonderful vacation will tide you over to the next trip. And then it hits. Like a brick. JET LAG. So now you’re walking around like a zombie, not really being able to pay attention, and all you want is to go and curl up in bed. You end up waking up at ridiculous times in the morning, and falling asleep at lunch. What could have you done differently to minimize the impact?

Adjust your clock as soon as you get on the plane


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I tend to change the time on my watch as soon as I hear the announcement by the flight attendants. The aircraft lights are also usually dimmed down making it a blank slate if you want to pretend its nighttime and fall asleep, or pretend its daytime and watch a movie. Usually by the time I land I’m much more ready to seize the day, even if I only slept three hours on the plane because of the time change.

Sleep on the plane

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Some people can fall asleep as soon as they get into the plane. Others need some help to do so by taking Melotonin or medicine that causes drowsiness. Either way, passing out the entire duration of the flight can also be helpful as it is most likely to give you a decent amount of rest to handle a day of travel (before you can pass out) but not enough that if you do happen to land in the evening you could easily continue sleeping.

Plan to beat the lag

If possible try to get a flight that will land in the evening in your destination country. Anytime between 4-6 is probably ideal as it would give you enough time to handle any long queues at immigration and baggage, get you to your hotel, and maybe a quick orientation nearby for dinner. And then you can go back and pass out, which is most likely to happen after such a long trip. This would immediately help in adjusting your clock to your destination.

Be active

If you do happen to land in the a.m., you know you’re going to be in for a shock. Try to be as active as possible to keep your body and mind awake. Try to walk around to see a few of the sights and if you do happen to have the luxury of it, take a quick nap in the afternoon. But refrain from sleeping, as your body wants it to, as this would likely delay your jetlag recovery and drag it into a few days worth. If napping, make sure to not exceed two hours, and then make sure to go out and be active again to help adjust your body clock.

168228_619096229060_6418557_n(You can’t tell right now, but I was jet lagged to the gills after flying 23 hours from Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia to Buenos Aires, Argentina. I was dragged all over the place by my friends to keep me awake and stuffed with copious amounts of coffee)

These are my tips to beat the jet lag and make sure you look fabulous at your destination. You could also just go through the jet lag with your most fashionable shades intact. What do you think, what are your tips to beat the jet lag?