Souvenir to buy – a different time

I’ve written before on my ideas of souvenir buying while travelling here. I’m a big fan of trying to get something unique, something representing the country (somewhat) and more than anything else, something functional.

While I was travelling in Myanmar last week, I was searching around for something to buy that didn’t scream tourist trap. At the airport, I looked up and saw a clock, written using the Myanmar numbers. And I thought to myself, how cool is that?!

Myanmar(Could you tell that these are actually numbers?)

I realized then, a fun functional and unique souvenir could be a watch using the local numbers. I mean, how many watch wearing people would have that! I hunted all around to get one for the bf. I walked around all over Bogyoke Market, into and out of department stores, and up and down the streets specializing in watches. Unfortunately though, these things are very rare, or perhaps due to the influx of outsiders, the locals have decided they prefer roman numbers. Whichever it is, I unfortunately could not find one whilst I was there.

But it’s something to keep in mind when travelling. There are many countries out there with their own writing of numbers. So why not get one instead of your usual watch and see it become a cool conversation starter the next time someone asks you “what time is it?”

Watch_chinese(Watch with Chinese/ Mandarin numbers)

Arabic watch(Watch with Arabic numbers)

Aramaic watch(Watch with Amharic numbers)

You could also get the clock versions and have them all lined up on a backboard displaying the local time. Would be a nice travel piece for the house as well.

p/s: If you do know where I can get a watch with Myanmar numbers, let me know. I’ll try to head back again either end of this year or early next year