Double Duty Designer

If like me, you have stared woefully at your near bulging suitcase and wonder if you couldn’t really just stuff one of your designer handbags in for that trip to Paris, don’t fret! There is a way to maximize bringing your favorite designer duds with you.

Fendi S/S’13

So, I’ve been trying to find the name of this handbag and so far came up with zilch even after trolling all of my favorite handbag forum websites. I dub it the shopping tote+baguette because that’s essentially what it is. A large shopping tote that takes this season’s see through fad and uses it to showcase your Fendi baguette nestled within.


And when you’re done going through airport security and have checked into your hotel, you can leave the large shopping tote behind and carry out the Baguette for a day of sightseeing, and nobody would be the wiser to the fact that you’re just dropping by for a visit!


A great buy I think with the exception that it’s probably easy for someone to just pickpocket/ lift your baguette from right in front of your shopping tote.

Mulberry’s Willow

This is the new ‘hot’ bag for the season seen on the arms of (of course) Kate Moss. The Willow comes in three separate sizes for that lady in you that just can’t decide! But what’s great about it is that the outside clutch is detachable and can actually be fully zipped off and used as just that – a clutch! Perfect for a nice travel and sightseeing out during the day and a perfect clutch for a nice romantic evening dinner.





Rebecca Minkoff

The most affordable of the bunch, this doesn’t come with the same 2-in-1 feel of the Fendi and Willow, but what I really did like about this handbag (and I figured I should share) is it’s easy 3-in-1 usage. Go for the M.A.C. (Morning after Clutch) and you will not be disappointed. The design of the clutch is flat making it look thin and small, but actually the bag itself is quite roomy (go for the normal size not the MAC mini). I actually brought this handbag with me when attending the Viennese ball and I had stuffed a pair of my ballet flats in it, easily.


What’s great about this handbag is actually the straps. Keep the strap long and it becomes a cross body, fold the straps into itself and it’s a perfect handbag length, take off the straps altogether and it makes a perfect clutch.


Many a cross body bag/ multiple strap handbags have come and gone, but what I liked most is that the handbag only uses one strap that can be manipulated unlike a lot of other handbag where you may have a long cross body strap but you also have un-detachable short handles on the handbag as well.

So there you go, my double duty designer choices, because after all if you’re going to drop that much money on something, you may as well get more than one handbag for it!



And for other ladies who prefer to have more functionality with their handbags, why you could always carry the beautiful Vernissage 😉 talk about fashion AND function