What to Wear – Remixing your outfit

What to wear

Part of the problem with travelling is that you’re limited by what the clothes you can carry with you. An easy way to update your look is to carry lightweight accessories. Change up the mood of your outfit using just a few key pieces.

Boho Rich

Think of this as an anything goes/ eclectic kind of style. Rich layers, intricate details and a little quirk or two will shift the focus from your white shirt and jeans to that crazy colourful personality of yours. A hair turban adds to the feel of the boho rich eccentric feel whilst still being fashionable (and saving you on a bad hair day)


A cross of nautical and this season’s monochrome mixes; keep the accessories simple with slim gold and black and white stripe accents. A simple anchor ring will help pull the feel of the sea


Think big and chunky with mixed medium of plastic, earth, string and leather in bright colors. The easiest way to spot the Global trend is with an attention grabbing necklace. Layer up the chunk with a large sparkly base. Up the ante with a mixture of large bangles and bracelets


The easiest of styles, just think basic and delicate. Restrain yourself to a nice necklace to add to the white t-shirt base and a slim gold bracelet. Inject a feeling of maturity and authority with a medium sized watch. Because after all, who messes with a punctual lady?


Rebel against the classic rules and pull on large chunks in mixes of metal. Gold, leather, black, white and red are easy ways to invoke the rocker feel and add a body chain to change up the silhouette of the shirt. A large ring in a similar medium and color palate would also add to the feel


You may think of this as earthy, flowery and loose. But with a structured look like a t-shirt and jeans, you may want to consider going along the lines of a sleek dressy hippy (is that an oxymoron?) inject an earthy feel with a rock crystal necklace or other earth tone mediums. Balance out the heavy with the light, by adding feathers or florals either as earrings or bracelets. Or keep your bangs down, your hair loose and frame it with a nice gold feather headband

In all these examples, the main way to think about how to trend up a basic outfit is to think about the feeling or mood you would like to inject. Imagine how a full outfit would look like if you had all of your wardrobe with you, and then detract the clothes. Keep all the accessories you had envisioned with that outfit and port over to your white t-shirt and jeans. Its a basic enough palate that you can really imagine it like a white canvas for you to spice up with your own personality.

The best part of it all of course is that when you travel, all this would pack up into a pretty small bag and taking it on a trip would be pretty easy. So have fun! and jazz up that outfit that you’re probably going to be wearing multiple times on a trip.

Drop a note! How would you jazz up your basic outfit?