Interview with Alex of Travel Fashion Girl

This week we have the pleasure of speaking with Alex of TravelFashionGirl. Alex had been working in the travel industry for seven years and has been travelling extensively since 2008. She runs TravelFashionGirl, a website that provides tips and guides for practical and fashionable packing lists for all your different travel needs. 

Your website focuses on detailed packing lists to help travellers meet their every need, from minimalist, to maximalist; how did you come up with the idea to focus on this? 
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I created the Universal Packing Lists to offer women a variety of packing options for their unique travel experiences. Not every trip is the same and every woman has different needs so you can use the lists as a guide you can customize.

While some travelers find it easy to pack light, others find it very challenging. Hence, Minimalista and Maximista – there’s a packing list fit for everyone’s needs!

What is your style of travel? E.g. a Glamper / Gypset/ Minimalist/ Backpacker or any other term to connotate your style? 

I’m not sure I can define my travel style in one word but I since I travel as a long term backpacker I guess you can call me a Nomadic Fashionista.

What is your essential or favourite travel outfit?
El Salvador

My favorite travel outfit includes a maxi dress because it looks a bit dressy but it’s very comfortable and I can stretch out as I please for comfort. Also, it’s easy to add leggings if you get cold on transport journeys or even change your entire outfit with a bit of effort. The flexibility of a cotton blend stretch maxi dress makes it unique and easy to wear. 

How has your travel style evolved throughout all your travels?

My travel style has evolved drastically. The reason why I created Travel Fashion Girl is because I was a complete mess when I left on my Round the World trip trying to follow the general packing lists on the web. I packed a bunch of items that didn’t make sense for me and also overpriced travel clothing that I ended up ditching. I wanted girls to know that it’s okay to pack regular clothing, just pack strategically.

How different would you say your travel style differs from your daily style? What are the big differences?

Yes, my travel style varies very much from home because when I travel I like to stay in chilled out beach towns and in LA I dress up more in my city style. While I can wear flip flops in LA, I live in my boots and leather jacket which I can’t wear on the beach when I travel.

Which destination would you consider the most stylish one you’ve seen?

London is always a fashion mecca and English girls in general are very stylish. They seamlessly dress themselves in polished and effortless chic looks.

What would you say are the big lessons you’ve learnt from all your packing and travelling?
Arequipa Peru

My biggest lesson is not to overpack and take unnecessary items with me on my trips. Travel Fashion Girl is basically a growing list of what I’ve learned traveling and getting to know the art of packing light. I didn’t start out as a minimalist traveler. It’s something that I’ve worked on during the past five years on the road.

What kinds of fashion ‘disasters’ or fashion emergencies have you faced before?

My biggest fashion disaster was packing a pair of convertible pants on my RTW trip. I didn’t want to wear them and they weren’t flattering at all but I didn’t have many options. I went and bought a new travel wardrobe.

What are your secrets to ‘refreshing’ outfits you may have worn many times on your travels before? 

I find that having less clothing makes you more creative whether it’s at home or on your travels. You just have to play around and mix and match and add colorful or print accessories.

Alexandra Jimenez Tour Manager Candidate

Thanks Alex for the pointers! You can read more on Alex and her packing lists at TravelFashionGirl.

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