Travel Spy Wear

Do you have that Mission Impossible/ James Bond theme song going on in your head yet? There’s nothing like hidden pockets, double duty gadgets and sexy heels to make you (ok, me) feel more like an secret special agent. But unfortunately when you travel the world, this no longer becomes a game and the stakes are much much higher.

A travellers nightmare would ultimately be losing their passport and all their money and credit cards. Handbags get stolen, backpacks get broken, and rooms may be broken into. Ultimately anything that resembles a container where you may keep your stuff could end up being a target. Where should you put your things then? You could always keep a money wallet to be worn under your clothes, but thieves are wising up to that as well. So what else could you use to safeguard your things?

Keep it in your…



You no longer have to roll up your money to place at the base of your foot as a semi massage tool. The Zip It Travel Socks comes in multiple heights (ankle, over calf, long) and a side pocket that can fit your passport and your money! Stay safe when running, and be comforted knowing your stash are safely in a place no one could get to easily. The pockets are also deep enough and designed to make sure your passport doesn’t accidentally fall out. Big plus? They’re still socks, but they’re also made of lightweight material that can dry easily whilst keeping your feet dry, cool and comfortable.



Belt’s are typically the thing you take off only when going through airport security. It’s one of your clothing item that stays consistent outfit to outfit, and something we glance over when looking at someone. So wouldn’t it be a great place to hide your money?


Enter the Magellans secret money belt. It looks feels like a wonderful leather belt (which it apparently is), but hidden inside is a hidden zippered compartment for you to hide your money (though sadly not your passport).  Well worth the money for the luxurious look of a leather belt and a hidden compartment.

Hidden down under

Yeaps, you can now hide your stash near yours… urm, nether regions! Thanks to the wonderful products of Stashitware and Clever Travel Companion


Stashitware’s design makes sure there is no way in hell a pickpocket could come after you which is both the pro and the con of the design, because after all who wouldn’t notice having someone’s hands down your crotch? But in the same token, it may not be the easiest place to retrieve your stash, and in the humid and sweaty weather of Southeast Asia, I’m not sure how well your goods would hold up, but I’m assuming you’re only going to use this in situations where you are VERY concerned about pickpockets and thieves. Best thing about this for me? They even have it in a thong version! Making it perfect for ladies who want to try and hide those VPLs.


Clever Travel Companion also has a (more limited) range of underwear with secret pockets. Given the different design (two pockets located in the front of each leg rather than one pocket right in the middle) it may be easier to distribute your items between both legs and reducing bulk in the middle (No woman travelling through Thailand wants to be mistaken as a lady boy!)


Tank tops


The Clever Travel Companion also has tank tops that come with a secret front pocket for you to hide your things. I stared at this for a long time to figure out if the pocket as on the inside of the tank and realized it really is on the outside of the tank, which makes it great for when you’re layering over it in cold climates, but may not be as secretive when travelling through warm and humid climates when you’re less likely to layer up.


Scottevest Dress 2

Perplex would be thieves with Scottevest’s Pheoebe dress that comes with multiple secret pockets for you to hide your money and passport whilst still making sure its lightweight enough to swing around like a normal dress. It comes in two lengths (long and short) and is designed to fit all kinds of women body type. Though I can’t attest for sure since I’ve never tried one on and I have no idea how it would survive a pat down.

Scottevest dress

Passport cover and Mighty Wallet

And lastly, if you’re still worried about someone grabbing your passport while you take a shower in the hostel, why not trick would be thieves by covering your passport in this Classic Penguin Book Passport Cover. Looking exactly like a mini book, people may just quickly ruffle past this while looking for your passport. Especially if you’re keeping it with your other books.



The Mighty Wallets really don’t look like a wallet which is the best part of all. It looks like some paper thing (envelope, map) that you may have folded up and just threw in the corner of your bag. But the truth is, these things are actually waterproof and don’t rip (though of course if you do take a pair of scissors to them, they will cut apart). You can do like I do, and use one that looks like a map. It’s a bifold with two bill pockets and two inside pockets for cards. The fact that the pattern runs through the entire wallet means that you could leave your wallet open and no one would be the wiser. Just be careful to make sure that you don’t accidentally toss it out with your other wallets as well =)



What are your safe travel tips? Where would you keep your valuables? Drop a message  below!

**Note: All pictures from company website. All opinions are personal and was not compensated