Weekly Travel Outfit – seen in Chiang Mai, Thailand



I wanted to share more travel outfits, beyond just mine. =)

This is a couple from Argentina I met on my tour of Chiang Mai. What I loved about what she wore is that it’s simple, yet still stylish and good for the warm weather. What would have been just an ‘ok’ outfit became an awesome travel outfit with that large pop of color and pattern on her handbag. It’s a large handbag done by the Hmong tribe in Chiang Mai and sold in the markets.

What a way to support the local industry and still look good.

** I would love to include your travel outfits as well, so do feel free to send me a picture of what you wore traveling, with your name, website link and a little description of what it is you wore and where you were visiting. Would love to have you included on the website as well.