Having high tea in the world’s first seven stars hotel – Burj Al Arab, Dubai

DSC_0083(The Burj Al Arab – missing a wall)

Back when the Burj Al Arab was opened in 2000, rumors were rampant. It was touted as the first seven star hotel in the world! It’s doors and knobs are all made of gold! You had to be a sheikh to afford it!

Ok, the last part may be true since one of its 202 rooms run ~$USD 2,500 a night! You could splurge and get The Royal Suite at ~$USD 19,000 a night. Maybe the room is covered in gold after all.

DSC_0258(Staring at the hotel room doors)


For those of us mere mortals who can’t afford it but are still curious about it, you could actually go for high tea in their lobby of Sahn Eddar. Sit right in the middle and you could have views of the tower of rooms in multi-colors or the opposite view of the sails that the Burj is so well known for. To keep it cool in the summer heat, the Burj is actually missing an entire wall! Which is covered using the ‘sails’.

You need to make reservations in advance for the high tea since there is a limited number of seats available. The fact that the Burj sits on an island alone (man-made) also makes it easier for them to control who comes in or out of the hotel. You cannot just walk across the bridge and into the hotel. The guards will cross check your names from the mainland side before you can actually enter. Best to arrive with a copy of your reservations as well.

DSC_0249(Afternoon Tea in the lobby)

Afternoon Tea in the lobby will put you back USD 100 per person if you’re not having any champagne or $USD 110 if you do opt for some bubbly. You have to remember that this is for the one located in the lobby. You could also go for the High Tea which is served at the Skyview Bar giving you a an amazing view of the city, or the sea, and The Palms – that amazing development project of reclaiming land in the sea and building houses into the shape of a palm tree. Expect the Skyview High Tea to put you back about $USD 125 per person.

DSC_0238(Can you make out the Palms shape)


If you don’t want to do high tea there, you could just head up to the Skyview Bar for a quick walk around and see.

DSC_0234(Serving for tea and coffee)

Don’t expect too much from the high tea btw, they serve your simple basics of finger sandwiches, sorbet, scones, and selection of pastries and chocolates. For what they are serving you, you will feel that you just got cheated out of a loooootttt of money. But I guess as they all know, you came really to see the building itself, and to be able to say I had high tea in the Burj Al Arab! And it still might be the cheapest way to see it from the inside. Or of course you could splurge and get a room. You could do what my friends did, which was to rent it together with 3 other people (the room is big enough for sure) and rent it in the summer when it’s ridiculously hot, and tourism is ridiculously low. You may get a nice discount from there.

What do you think about the high tea option at the Burj?