April showers brings May flowers – What to wear in the rain?

As the weather slowly warms up, snow drizzles turn into just plain drizzles. But before the rainbow comes the storm, so what is a Glamourous Traveller to do to keep dry? Travelling in the rainy season can be a real pain. You’ve spent all that time planning out and packing your outfits just to have it rained on? Wet? Or even worse! Keeping you indoors?!

No fret! Below are my selections of amazing raincoats that still keep you fashionable whilst being thin and easy enough to travel with.

Free People’s Printed Lace Raincoat


The lace trend is still going nice and strong. This time around, wear your girly-ness on the outside with pride with Free Peoples pastel colored printed lace raincoat. This jacket is so pretty you probably would wear it even when it’s not raining. And when you’re done and the sun is out, simply fold it away into its little pouch for easy packing.



This raincoat poncho does double duty as (a) a reversible raincoat and (b) a fun looking poncho that can be worn like a cardigan! Ok maybe that makes it quadruple duty then. The striking colors on this means you can wear them inside out (for those of us Asians who REFUSE to be caught in the same outfit on camera twice) or you could even bring a belt and belt it up as a cardigan on semi cold days and you’re just looking for something to throw over. Similarly, it also comes with a small pouch for easy packing and tucking away.

And for those of us who hate having a full outfit picked out and then be forced to wear the exact same coat over it day after day, no fret! With this season’s see through craze making its way through clutches, bags and even boots it was just a matter of time before it made its way to cool outerwear as well.

Terra New York


The priciest of the bunch, this amazing collection of see through outerwear really does do its job of keeping you dry whilst showcasing your outfit. Given that it also comes in numerous designs it can help to accent what you have on as well. Go hobo chic in the Lower East Side collection, or show off your waist with the Tribeca, the coats are so good looking you may want to just step out in only them.

FredFlare – Peek-a-boo Rain poncho


This poncho style see through rain coat is wonderful for truly showcasing your outfit. The linked and weighted large sleeve means you could even slip this over a thick sleeved jacket whilst keeping yourself nice and dry. The cute hood with tiny ears adds a hint of playfulness to the outfit, which can easily be tucked down if you wanted to show off your hairstyle as well.

So why not have fun with your outfits even when you’re travelling in the rain. Tell me, how do you endure the rainy weather when travelling?