The Chick on the Go – seriously made for ladies who need to go go go

A while ago when I was looking around for Convertible Travel Gear, I stumbled upon the website TheChickontheGo and was fascinated by their product. The concept is simple yet reaches to the core of every traveller (and most travel + fashion websites). How do you continuously reinvent your wardrobe while you’re travelling, and even better! How do you do it without checking in your luggage?


So what is it?

The Chick on the Go is essentially the whole package of carry-on – an editorial view of your closet in a bag that’s easy and light enough to carry on. All the clothes provided means you can easily make 25 outfits by mixing and matching the garments.


What comes with it?


A cool garment bag is provided (complete with a hanger), and contains 4 pockets to carry the clothes. If it isn’t clear enough yet, the whole concept of the product is that it carries the ultimate balance of chic clothes and light baggage. And so, inside the garment bag you will find:

  • One black dress
  • One pair of long black pants
  • One poncho that can be worn as a poncho/ skirt/ one shouldered top/ boob tube
  • One white sleeveless top
  • One long sleeve V-neck top
  • One black scarf
  • One white scarf
  • IMG_2730

This easy combination of black and whites can be mixed and matched to create 25 different outfits! Taking out the guesswork of what to pack.

The garments are made out of 95% rayon jersey and 5% spandex blend which makes it really soft, amazing to travel with since it doesn’t really wrinkle (or place it in the bathroom when you have a hot shower and you’re good to go) and pretty quick to dry when you wash them. When I received mine, I realized you really could easily travel with this and wouldn’t even need your pajamas  since the dress is so soft you could sleep in it, and the bottoms are really comfy and stretchy.

What’s the downside?

  • The downside to the product is that you don’t really have space to put anything else. The pocket right on top is kept empty for you to keep anything else but may only fit a few thongs/g-strings (not panties)…
  • … Which also brings me to the point that you should only be wearing thongs (and seamless ones at that) since the outfits are very prone to VPL otherwise.
  • The sizes are also a bit tricky since everything comes in one size of your choice and you can’t mix and match sizes, resulting in my having perfect sized tops and dress, but having to bring it to the tailors for the pants and poncho.
  • And lastly, you may have 25 outfits on the ready, but you would have to pack your bras somewhere else (potentially with your toiletries, shoes and accessories) though I think this defies the very core of why the product was created.

So you may ask, why don’t I just create the same wardrobe with what I already have in the closet? You probably could, but the beauty of the product is that they take into account materials that are easy to travel with, have a simple solid combination of black and white and use the same materials for all their garments. And as we all know, keeping the same materials on your outfits immediately pulls everything together. All you have to do is jazz it up and refresh the outfits with different accessories and hairstyles and you’re good for that entire week of travelling. Which also brings me again to the point that everything fits neatly into their garment bag the size of a book!


It’s also perfect for that last minute spontaenous trip that you decided to just take thanks to last minute discounted fares. Everything’s already packed and ready to go. I’m going to test mine out as soon as I hem in the pants (I’m not your average height) and am excited to share the outfit challenge! In the meantime, you can order yours direct from their website

**Disclaimer: I received a free sample from TheChickOnTheGo for product review; however all opinions expressed here are my own.

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