Staying fit while travelling – a fun guide

Some of the perils of constantly travelling is the fact that you lose a daily schedule or rhythm. After all, sometimes you just must get up to see sunrise in Bagan, or you really have to stay out late because dinner time in Spain doesn’t even start until 10 p.m.  You don’t stick to a diet because, you know, it’s RUDE to go to someone else’s country and not TRY all their local food. Things get moved around, your schedule gets out of whack, and next thing you know, you’re 15 pounds heavier, and it isn’t just showing in your backpack.

So, even though you’re on the road, don’t put aside important things like your health. It’s important to try and keep as healthy as you can (and to preserve those curves ladies!). If you’re like me, you could bring a pair of running shoes to go for an early morning jog (I don’t do this all the time, just once in a while).


Otherwise, there are a lot of writers out there who can share with you the right and proper way to staying fit on the road… or you could stay healthy the Glamourous Traveller way!

1) Pack Fit Flops

Yeaps you heard me, Fit Flops as opposed to Flip Flops.  These are sandals/ shoes/ boots that are designed to continuously engage your leg muscles and helping you get a nice perky tush and nice toned legs. It’s almost like a lazy woman’s guide to fitness. Without realizing you would have worked up your arse just by walking around. Great!


fitflops-electra-thumb-435x304-105799 (Source:

2) Get lost

One of the amazing things about travelling is everything that you see or experience from the moment you land, to the moment you leave (and sometimes even more than that). Don’t catch a cab, walk. Walk through the maze of shops and souks and stalls. Walk through gardens and by riverside and into alleyways. Be mesmerized by children playing in the park. Get lost without a map until you can map all the sights and streets in your mind.

Imagine the number of calories you burn by just walking. On a typical travel day, I start walking from morning ~9-10 a.m., and usually am on my feet all the way until late evenings. I tend to sit down when having meals (and coffee a plenty of course), or when I’m too dead tired and need a rest in Rialto Park. But beyond that, I’m usually upright. Total distance walked on a usual day? ~9-10 km? on a typical travel + shopping day? Probably ~15km =)

men_women_buy_pants_diagram(Meh, close enough)

3) Shop

You may laugh, but I’m certain there are some calories being burnt in that moment you decide to go shopping. I’m sure everyone has their own way of shopping, but let’s be honest, most women walk around in zig zaggy patterns when they’re looking for ‘something’ to buy. Now couple that with actually perusing through stalls (all that arm work moving clothes from left to right and right to left), actually trying on clothes (maybe 5-10 outfits per shop to get your heart (and maybe wallet) running), and carrying all your goods with you – distribute bags evenly and do at least three bicep curls when entering a store. And wa-lah! Toned arms while you shop! (and new clothes to show off those toned arms)


4) Pose for a shot

*Click*click* Now you think posing for a photo is easy? No, firstly your partner will be doing eye exercises (re: rolling off eyes) while you prepare yourself for a shot. Then, bring out the Asian in you and change poses at least 10 times! Extra points for making extra efforts, like star-jumping. Imagine doing that 10 times to get that ‘just-right’ shot. That’s like doing burpees right there!

IMG_83912(How many times did you think I jumped to get this picture right)

Additional points if you stop at every major sight and run through the same routine of jumping, posing standing up, posing on the ground, pretending to run, and repeat.

5) Eat consistently throughout the day

Maybe this sounds counter intuitive to you. But I’m talking about small portions throughout the day. If you start with a good dose of breakfast, then start walking around the city, you may start feeling peckish around 3 hours later. Maybe you are walking by a local stall and see them selling some meatballs on a stick. Why not try one? But don’t BINGE on lunch after! Just keep going in small enough portions every few hours (and hydrate a lot!) and you may not be as hungry come dinnertime as you would have thought otherwise.

Aust 158(Not exactly what I’m recommending)

Extra points if you tried out local fruits as in between snacks, (imagine all those vitamins!) rather than deep fried scorpions, or octopus balls. 

These are some of my fun ways to stay in shape while travelling. I can’t guarantee you all the results, but I can guarantee at least you’ll have some fun whilst seeing the city, checking out its wares, trying out the local food, and making sure you have some awesome pictures at the end of the day.

What are your travel tips to stay fit on the road? Sound off below!