Adding instant polish – surviving traveling

Some of you may know the real perils of travelling. 10 hours in a public cabin on an overnight train in India, 2o hours by bus in Argentina, even doing 15 hours on a long haul flight in economy seat, or partying out in Cairns all night long and trying to catch the first flight the next morning. These things may become a norm, or may have been the anomaly on your trip, but the result stays the same. How do you step out of those little boxes looking as good as new? or at least fake looking as good as new. I have three things that I tend to do whenever I find myself in these situations, with a two more added bonus if you really feel like you can make an effort (and fight of those hungover pangs)

1) Hair up and tucked away

Unless you were blessed with beach wave ‘natural’ waves, getting this look takes hours. Your naturally straight hair may not be so ‘straight’ re: fizzy. And after all that time travelling/ partying, the last thing you want to do is to try and tame it. Honestly, you are probably best pulling everything back and slicking it up into a sleek or messy ponytail. Additional props if you could make the extra effort of flicking your hair around the base and sticking pins in it for a messy topknot. For the ladies with the short locks, you could consider a bandanna, headband, or slicking it back quickly with water <– I find that this generally works really well when I had short hair. With the added benefit of waking your face up from the cold water.

2) Shades baby shades

It’s all about perspective. If you can’t see someone’s eyes, you can’t tell if they didn’t have any sleep, have bloodshot eyes, or is hungover (or gotten a black eye from lack of sleep, fighting, on their way to getting the hangover or all of the above). Keep it big enough to cover your eyes, and pass it off with a “no time dah-ling” wave whenever someone stops you long enough to merit taking off your sunglasses to greet them.

3) Closed toe shoes (sneakers or anyone from the sneaker family need not apply)

I mentioned that the easiest way to travel may be with flat walking shoes. After weeks or months on the road, the odds of you getting a pedicure is quite minimal, and all that travelling may have also resulted in a dead nail or two (ouch!). Be kind to your feet by wearing a pair of closed toe flats. Round tops or sharp tops are fine. If you are feeling a little more energy, attempt a high heel or a wedge if you must. As for sneakers or anyone from the sneaker family, I’m not saying don’t wear them, I’m just saying keep in mind you probably need to plan some staples around it… an activity that you may not be able to attempt in your tired / inebriated state. Simple quick win? again, stick to the ballet flats.
(Lauren Conrad dons the same look coming out of the airport)

Bonus tips!

Feel slightly awake now? Perhaps a little perky? that orange juice gave you a slight rev to your engine? Good, now raise your hand and dip it into your makeup bag.

4) Swipe on some lipstick

This literally takes 5 seconds. 10 if you’re staring dumbfounded at the mirror trying to remember what you did last night. This is not the time to attempt something fancy, so go with a basic. Nude with a hint of pink, or a soft pink or coral. The aim here is to make sure people can tell you apart from the walking dead but not to confuse you with The Joker.

5) Hoop it up

Still have some energy left behind? Great! Hopefully you would have a basic pair of simple hoop earrings in your travel arsenal. If you do, this is the time to put it on. What with your hair slicked back, a pair of sunglasses on your face and a little lipstick on, the hoop earring brings it all together and sends a signal to the world that you’ve got it all together (at least in the face).

Desktop2(Yeaps, that’s J.Lo, Beyonce and Fergie donning the exact same look)

So there you go, my 3+2 tips on how to fake polish when you’re on the road. After all that remember, if you look good, you start feeling good, and your mind signals to your body its time to get it together because day-um you are looking good!

So tell me, what do you do as a little emergency perk me up after a rough travel/ night out?