Weekly Travel Outfit – Florence, Italy


My second trip to the beautiful Florence, Italy

Top: Colours, Malaysia

Cardigan: Sungai Wang, Malaysia. I bought like 4 of these soft knit cardigans and still have them till today, six years on.

Jeans: Armani Exchange. My fav pair of jeans that had been re-fixed over and over and over again. Sadly I just gave them away 2 weeks ago after coming to the conclusion that I will never again be a size 0, and I had accidentally cut the jeans a little too short.

Handbag: Bought in Paris. I loved this handbag, and have been hunting for it all over my parents house for years. Sadly I will admit, I have no idea what happened to it. =(

Bracelets: Sungai Wang wooden bracelets. Love and keep them to date

Earrings: Your usual hoop earrings, because come on, how do hoop earrings not instantly glam you up?

It was a perfect day in Florence. Me, my best friend from college S, a beautiful cup of coffee, and centuries of history waiting for us.