Skiing down memory lane – Zurich, Switzerland

I thought in honor of the fact that Spring hasn’t really sprung yet (yes, it’s still snowing???)  I wanted to share a cold climate travel location.

I was born in the tropics. So perhaps you can imagine that I have barely (if ever) skied in my life. The first time I went skiing was in 2009. I had received a skiing class as a Christmas present, which would have been fantastic except for the fact that I was the only student over the age of 6 present.

This time around, I headed to Zurich on a whim after an old friend asked me to drop on by. From Zurich we headed out to Flumserberg, a wonderful ski resort spot about an hour and half away from Zurich. We easily caught a train over and stopped at Unterterzen and then a cable car ride up with stunning views. Went over to the rental ski store and got ourselves ski boots, skis and poles.

My friend V was taking classes for the first time. We thought it would be a great day for us beginners.

I had realized when I took my first ski class that I have a natural understanding of balance (probably due to my dancing days). So I refused to take a refresher course thinking my body would just ‘remember’. V’s friend had also joined us and I decided to go skiing with her instead.

She: Shall we go to an easy one?

Me: Yes, let’s take an easy beginner’s blue slope to refresh

We hitched up on the ski lift, and I should have realized how high up we were going. I had even forgotten how to get off the damn chair, and ended up denting my ski pole to the point of breaking.

Did I even think at this point that this might have been a bad idea? No.

So for the first time in three years and only my second time on skis, I headed down the slope.

From the top of the bunny slope(View from the baby slopes)

It was beyond scary. I kept on thinking I was going to die. I rolled down so many times I actually did hit a pole (luckily a small one). I had snow in my high waisted ski pants, I was still far away from the bottom, and I had lost a ski in my tumble. My knees were buckling, I couldn’t figure out how to get up off my ass and my hands were shaking from nerves. Every time I stood up and was slowly sliding down I saw myself losing control and careening off the side of the mountain. I seriously debated sitting on my ass and just sliding all the way down.

Boy was I the Glamourous Traveller…

I got up, scooped up the snow that was sliding down my butt. Strapped my ski shoes back into the ski. I tried again. And fell. And tried again. And again and again.

Until finally!

We hit the ski lodge! A perfect cup of cappuccino out in the sun and the cold snow later, I was ready to try again.

Taking a break from skiing with a nice cup of coffee(Safely having a cup of coffee!)

This time around, we truly did hit the baby slopes. And I do mean there were babies on it.

I landed on both feet. I curved my body side to side, and slid and slide down the slope. I formed a tight V to slow down and sliced on one side to stop. It was the best feeling ever!

IMG_2723(Feeling real proud of myself. But notice the actual babies on the baby slope)

I have to say, I definitely enjoy skiing. Just next time, I have to make sure I really start on the beginners slope. The one that’s almost flat. The one that’s almost cross country skiing. The one that children go on. Hell, I can take it. I’m twice their size. I can easily knock them down on their butts. We all have to learn somewhere.

IMG_2731(Perfect day. Beautiful weather, great company, and being able to actually ski down the slopes. Dented pole optional)