What to Wear – Everywhere

What to Wear - Everywhere

A lot of the times we focus on the location of a place when we pack – beaches? tunics, shorts and tank tops. Thailand? (somehow) fisherman’s pants, flip flops. But sometimes it’s hard to gauge what would work in a place you have never been to before. You may have seen pictures or have an idea about the place, but how do you know what would be right until its to late?

I believe that a 3 piece combination will always work in making sure you look appropriately chic whilst travelling to any location. What’s important is balancing the proportions.

Outfit 1: Balance out a crop top with high waisted jeans to reduce the amount of skin being shown. A jacket in a similar color brings cohesiveness to the outfit while  making sure you just show a sliver of sexy  Think about it as a reverse mullet – party in the front, business in the back.

Outfit 2: You probably will be bringing a loose tank top and denim shorts with you on your travels. You can clean it up with a nice structured leather jacket and covered shoes (flats or heels).

Outfit 3: Long skinny jeans that you bring with you on your travels can be dressed up with a nice lace sheer top and a blazer jacket. Dress it down with ballet flats if needed.

Outfit 4: As an alternative to denim shorts you may think about bringing a nice pair of dressy shorts. You could pair it with a nice tank in a similar color group and edge it up with a mixed pattern jacket. You could keep the jacket structured or loose depending on the vibe you’re going for.

Outfit 5: If you’re a fan of t-shirts and don’t really want to bring anything too serious, no fret. Maybe mix up your outfit by bringing a colored pair of jeans that can brighten your look. A tailored long cardigan would help pull the look together and you could dress it up with wedges or tuck your jeans into your boots.

I am cognizant of the fact that we think we don’t always travel with these kinds of clothes. But look again, you have tank tops, and casual t-shirts that can be dressed up with slimming bottoms and tailored  jackets. You probably will be bringing a pair of jeans regardless of where you go and these too can be dressed up with a slightly more formal top and tailored jackets or cardigans. Even with the differences in weather, you can always opt to bring a light sheer cardigan or a plush leather jacket. And remember, all your jackets can be used as an accent piece to easily dress up or down your outfits.