Weekly Travel Outfit – Washington DC, USA

Glamouroustraveller.com_WDC1 Glamouroustraveller.com_WDC2

This was from a time so long ago I forgot that I used to have a penchant for purple lipstick, funky hair cut (short and almost shaved on one side long on the other ala Rihanna but before Rihanna) and purple streaked hair, which to date was my fav hair dye job of all. Perhaps this also gives you an indication of how long I’ve been travelling now.

Jacket: Guess. I kept it with me all tattered until it was yellowing last year in Amsterdam and I had to throw it out

Sweater top: Tommy Hilfiger. Could you not tell from the obviously glaring logo I have emblazoned on my chest

Jeans: Tommy Hilfiger. Yes, I was a Tommy girl. The jeans were one of my favorites. Though I now have to sadly admit I am no longer a size 0.

Handbag: DKNY. In my defense, I got all the Tommy and DKNY stuff at a fashion outlet store in Pittsburgh. I couldn’t help myself.

Hat: Street vendor in Washington DC. I thought it brought a nice fuzziness to the outfit =)