Weekly Travel Outfit – Paris, France

IMG_2632Wool jacket: Mango

White blouse: Zara – worn again here

Leather jacket: Stefanel – worn again here

Denim shorts: Gap

Tights: H&M

Red feather earrings: Diva

Ring: Yves Saint Laurent

After being away for six years, I finally returned to Paris, this time finally with an income to spend. It was a wonderful weekend of actually being able to walk around the city and walk into stores, have a meal at a corner cafe whenever I want.

When travelling to Paris, one must always bring one’s fashion A-game. Somehow everyone in Paris looks effortlessly chic. As for me, I don’t know, I guess I just wanted to play around with some grungy mis-matching ness, and color outside the lines of the monochromatic sleek styles of the city