Nominated for Malaysia’ Tourism Fashion Blog Award

My dear readers, I just found out the amazing news that I was nominated for Malaysia’s Tourism Fashion Blog Award. I am honored, surprised and excited all at the same time. For me, its a little bit of recognition that what I write is not crap is recognized by the general public. It also symbolizes to me the fact that you probably enjoy my blog just a little bit.

Now a nomination is fun. Its great. But winning! now winning would be super fun and awesomely great altogether. As blogs typically go, I wouldn’t be able to move forward if I didn’t have your direct support – and in this case, your direct support through voting for me. So please, if you do enjoy my blog, head over to

Malaysia’s International Tourism Bloggers website – and vote for me under the Tourism Fashion Blog –> click here for a shortcut.


I will be happy, I will be excited, most of all I will be honored if you could offer a physical manifestation of your support.



IMG_83912(I will do star jumps for you! Like the one I did here in front of the Party Tree, Hobbiton New Zealand)