Grid-it: Best way to keep you from going hay-wire

Now if you’re anything like me, you tend to have a clear idea about the ‘other’ stuff you bring with you on your trips. There’s always the makeup bag (a small one for me), toiletries bag (filled with soap, shampoo and GoToob of course) and a bag for electricals – plugs, adaptors, USB cables, chargers, etc.

For a long time I tend to throw all my electricals into a small bag to make it easier to find in my suitcase and to make sure it doesn’t snag on my clothes. But then, small things started to annoy me. Like the fact that my wires always end tangled up (even when I wire down each individual wire) and the fact that that small bag tends to get a little bit bigger when I try to pack it down into my suitcase.

So, then one day, by chance, after lunch hour in the airport, I stumbled into a travel shop that was selling Grid-it!. I’ve actually seen this a long time ago (back when I was a consultant), and heard good reviews about it. Then when I was visiting my friend in Norway, I saw his on the table. He sung high praises about it; extolled its virtues.

I was sold. More than that, I was curious about it I guess. So I bought one.

cpg10a_1(Grid-it!. Source:

It’s so awesome!

Some things to note. The way it works is pretty simple; you wrap up your wires and slot it into one of the many elastic bands wrapped on a board. You can re-arrange everything as you want it. They’re awaiting patent on the elastic bands itself because these are pretty high grip bands that also don’t overstretch out of shape.

Also because they’re on a flat plane, it makes it pretty easy to find what you’re looking for (no more messy tangled wires!) and easy to pack. I just place it right on top of my packing, and zip up the suitcase. Part of which works because again, I don’t want the plug teeth to snag my clothes, so better for it to snag the underside of the suitcase.

My only problem is that the store I was at didn’t have it in a larger size for me. I also just saw that they have diversified their product offerings and now have it for a Macbook air 13” as well!! *coughvalentinesdaycough* Though I did see that they can do logo’s on it as well. Would be cool to have a GlamourousTraveller logo on it to give out no?

1488_xlarge(why look at that? is that the Macbook air 13″ Grid-it?)

Sound off! how else would you pack your wires?