January 28


How do you plan for a stylish trip?

I’ve mentioned here how I sometimes plan my trips out. I thought I would share one of the ways I’ve been doing this for a while.

I actually clean out my closets extremely often. My caveat here is that I am a little OCD, and like my clothes arranged just so. Because of that I tend to re-arrange and re-fold my clothes so that they all sit on each other just nice. As a result, I pretty much memorize everything I own.

I also like to flip through fashion magazines. My perfect Saturday morning is one of me, a cup of coffee, and a stack of magazines on my breezy balcony after breakfast.

Now because of this two facts, I am also influenced by trends and fashion combinations that I see in magazines. I won’t say I’m a trend follower. Just like most of you, I go shopping and buy things that I like and looks good on me. I never go around saying specifically “I must buy pajama tops because that’s the in thing right now”. That being said, I somehow have a weakness for leopard prints… and stripes… and a bit of lace and leather.

photo(B&W polka dot top, and red bottoms)

Which brings me to how I plan for my vacations, I sometimes sketch down what I think about wearing, and play around with combinations for a bit. I like to do this because a) it helps me plan exactly how many clothes I can bring, and b) makes sure that I don’t accidentally end up in all blacks, or all neon, or boring as hell clothes.

It also helps especially on long trips re: more than one week that might also involve moving around a lot – hence need for easy access, easy combination, and still travel/ backpacker friendly clothes.

I give you, some of my outfit plans!


Clothes sketches

(Top: Planning for Phuket – Bottom: travelling Phuket)


Clothes sketches1

 (Top: Planning a two week trip across Argentina – Bottom: travelling Argentina)

This works well for me in also keeping in mind what other combinations I can use (if not in this particular trip). Helps jazz up my work attire as well. As for the sketching, well, I never said I was an artist =) but I am planning on taking fashion illustration classes to help distinguish this from a five year old’s drawings.

So tell me, what are the different ways you plan your outfits? Sound off below!