Do I really need a travel wallet?

photo (8)(How I easily find my currency. I also replace the country I’m currently in with my home country currency)

One of the first ‘travel’ related things that I reach for when I pack for a trip is my travel wallet. Unlike what it sounds like, my travel wallet is an easy zip around that contains my passport, a pen, emergency passport pictures (with different requirements) as well as a Ziploc of the new currency I will be using. Sometimes I keep the itinerary printouts here (needed for some airports in Asia to even try and enter the airports). Most times I keep my boarding pass here as well for easy reach.

photo (9)(Inside of my typical travel wallet, enough space to dump everything)

I’m a fan of trying to have multiple uses for things I bring with me on a trip. A travel wallet, a toiletries bag or even a makeup bag should always be recyclable enough to me to be used as a clutch. Hence you now have two! Options of handbags on the go. The one you typically carry with you on the plane, and this multiple usage wallet/ toiletries bag/ makeup bag.

As such, I like to have one’s that do actually look good. It needs to also be bright enough that when I reach in    to my handbag, even in the semi-darkness of plane lights turned off I can actually find it automatically and immediately. I’ve been using this one for years now…

photo (12)(My old and very well used travel wallet)

… and recently replaced it with….


photo (11)(My new travel wallet. Can easily double up as a clutch wallet on the go)

It’s a pink one from Charles and Keith, a nice mass market shoe/ handbag  Singaporean brand. They renew their shoe stocks probably faster than H&M and are very very affordable. Anyways, this one stood out to me because it had

A clutch strap (I like having it around my wrist so I know its there)

photo (10)(Free mini wallet! with sim card pockets!)

A free mini wallet! That can be easily slipped into the front of the clutch to hold your cards, and comes with sim card pockets as well. Perfect for the world traveller who carries multiple sim cards (I will be honest, I’m the multiple cell phone kind of girl). A nice back pocket zipper for things like receipts, which I keep because I can be very OCD and stingy and need to have a very close idea on what exactly I paid for when I travel with my friends I need to keep the receipt claims I make from my company. And of course! The middle pocket with zipper to keep everything intact.

So there you have it. You think travel wallets only come in those godawful black nylon thingies? Think again! And remember, everything that you bring with you should be able to double up its duties for effective packing!