Style inspiration – from Chanel to Cambodia

ChanelHula-HoopBagSpring2013A-540x450(Chanel’s Spring/ Summer 2013)

Chanel’s Spring/ Summer 2013 collection debuted a look that surprised many (Karl tends to do that). They created this humongous hula hoop Chanel bag that apparently was built for the beach. Accordingly it’s supposed to be something you can put in the sand and hang your towel from the top on. A beautiful bag and a towel hanger?! amazing! thought if I was dropping that much money on a bag, I would never stuff it into the sand!

Chanel - Runway RTW - Spring 2013 - Paris Fashion Weekchanel-bag-square_2399379a

(The smaller version)

Unfortunately the larger version doesn’t seem to be going into production. They are however, sending out the much smaller version! You seem to be going into a goldilocks problem with these though. The big one’s too big, and the small one looks like it could never fit your wallet, cell phone, keys and all.

Cambodia 070(My ‘version’)

And so, comes my style inspiration, the ‘just nice’ version. What I liked about the Chanel is the unique round shape. It seems like it would have that fun-ness factor of challenging your friend to whose Chanel can roll faster. When I was in Cambodia, I found a round handbag. I loved it. I loved it so much, I bought one each for my sisters. Made of raffia it was supportive of the local industry while carrying its own unique feel. It was also big enough to carry quite a number of things. Tests concluded its ability to carry a wallet, camera, cell phone and tissue easily. The best part? It was one dollar. I swear.

IMG_9090(Carrying it around Siam Reap)

Sure it’s not a Chanel, but it does capture the parts of it I was most interested in. And in a roll down contest, I’m pretty sure mine will withstand the roughness of everyday life.