Fail safe travel tops

You know, sometimes I get lazy about planning what to pack. I’m one of those weird people who actually memorizes everything that’s in my closet and tend to plan out outfits in my head in all the time leading up to actually packing. For longer trips, I actually do doodle out what outfits to bring and what combinations can be put together to better optimize luggage space. Which is also why it takes me only about 15-20 minutes to pack for a trip. That and the fact that I was trained in the art of packing back when I was working as a consultant and would get marching orders to travel on short notice.

So. Even though I try to cycle through my wardrobe (as Oprah suggests! for every time you wear an outfit, turn the hanger around when you hang it back and by end of the year you will know what you have never worn for a year and time to chuck it!). I sometimes get lazy, and go with my travel fail safe tops.

For me, my fail safe tops are typically light, but sleeved/ long sleeved (so that they’re modest enough if the situation calls for it), sheer, and can be easily layered. They are not too tight, but not so loose that you never see your shape. They never have to be ironed, and in the event you need to wash them, they dry in an instant. They also tend to match easily with long jeans, shorts, or skirts. Not too bad huh? (also, as you can see, I had given this a lot of thought).

And so, I bring you, my suggestions for fail safe stylish travel tops! Takes up little space and can constantly be renewed with new accessories!

IMG_3923Argentina 2010 842

(White chiffon top – Koh Samed and Argentina)

Beijing 2011 289Im on a boat 041

(Red chiffon top – cycling through the Hutongs of Beijing and on a boat in Singapore)


(Purple chiffon top – City Palace, Udaipur, and at the Pyramids of Giza, Egypt)

What’s your fail safe travel wear?