Stylish island getaway

You would imagine packing for an island getaway wouldn’t be tough. And the truth is, it shouldn’t  You imagine sunny, breezy weather, and you mentally shed off all the layers you’ve been wearing. You pack all these cute little tops and bottoms thinking you’re going to wear them all.

Then you land, and between the super warm island weather, the nice cool drinks and the easy breeze, you get lazy. You strip down and walk around mostly in your bikini. You find yourself returning to the same old pair of shorts and the breeziest top you own, and you realize you’ve over packed… again. So here are my tips on what to bring when heading to a tropical paradise.


Bring shorts, and loose breezy tank tops. Shorts are easy and helpful especially if you start finding yourself renting and riding a motorcycle (common in Asia). Avoid sleeved tops as it would of course give you a weird tan-line, even just from walking around the town.

IMG_0840(Cotton maxis are a go-go)

Bring one to two maxi dresses. These are great for a cool evening and looks dressed up enough for a nice evening dinner, but relaxed enough for a walk and drink on the beach if you want. Its an easy way to jazz up your wardrobe but keeping things functional enough for your holidays

IMG_3923(My fail safe shorts and shirt combo)

Cotton dresses – you can double these up by wearing them as cover-ups for the beach, but also nice dress downs to walk around town or to have dinners in. Essential two – in – one usage to reduce weight in your baggage.


Lets not kid ourselves. You’re not going to wear heels. Ever. On an island paradise. Not only that, with the heat over here, I strongly avoid all kinds of covered shoes. If you need to go hiking, get yourself one of those Teva style sandal-shoes. If you’re walking all around the town, go with fun and flirty sandals. To play a little dress-up, perhaps a pair of wedges.


Other things that I strongly recommend would be a large tote. Not so large that the only place you could truly bring it to was the beach, but not too small that you couldn’t stuff sufficient towel, moisturizer, sunscreen, sunglasses, a bottle of water and a good book in.

IMG_4130(A hat as an accessory is awesome. Don’t buy an expensive one though. There is a good chance its going to get folded, or sat on, or borrowed by all your friends)

A cool funky hat would be good, but avoid having anything made of felt, made for the winter or fully covered. I guess avoid Philip Treacy is what I’m saying. Don’t forget to also bring along a good beach towel, and props for one that can also be converted into a pareo and used as a normal towel.

After all that, most important of all, don’t forget your sunscreen!


(Wearing my beach kaftan over and over and over again – Koh Samed, Koh Samui)

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