Weekly Travel Outfit – Valley of the wind and Uluru, Australia

DSC_3813 IMG_2817

I have to say, I think I should get mad props for most inappropriate hiking outfit… ever. Though that being said, in the course of looking for old photos, I’ve discovered I’m quite a pro at wearing ridiculous things to go hiking (I will deff write a post about this)

Top: Colours – Malaysia. Sadly I finally gave it away after all these years. I do miss that retro look

Bottom: Gap jeans. At least I was wearing jeans for a hike no? and like not a dress

That amazing flynet hat: Well, the hat I bought in Australia. It’s apparently made out of wallabies?! kangaroos?! something Australian, which is why I thought it was cool. That and the fact that I get to wear it around red rocks and desert making me feel like Indiana Jones. The flynet? ABSOLUTE necessity in Alice Springs and Uluru. You’re about to get attacked by like a bazillion flies. There’s this thing called the Alice salute, which is pretty much you flicking your wrist in front of your face. Its to help drive the flies away.