Lady of the night vs. lady of the day. How do you tell the difference?

C(The ladies, starting their night)

Being one half of a mix couple (my bf being the other half), I know how people can stare at you as you walk down the streets in Asia. The minute they see an ‘ang moh’/ or ‘white guy’ with an asian girl, most people think consort/ call girl/ prostitute/ sugar daddy. It is funny though, how people stereotype. Reverse the relationship and you don’t see similar conventions hold through. An ‘ang moh’ woman with an Asian man never raises an eyebrow in the sense of ‘Is he a gigolo?’ Unless of course you’re in Bali… and hunting after a Kuta Cowboy

Kanchanaburi Weekend 244(Welcome to Soi Cowboy – Bangkok, Thailand)

The thing is, these notes doesn’t always hold true of course, but I thought I would share my tips on how to tell the difference.

1) Look at their shoes – Appearances can be misleading. Especially in a day and age where going out clubbing by ladies of the day means wearing a cute little dress with sequins, or a pair of tight shorts and a tight tank. A friend and I had watched as an Asian woman walked in with a white man to a restaurant. Just from her appearance, we really couldn’t tell the difference (shorts and a tank top). Then my friend suggested looking at her shoes – Birkenstocks. Deff lady of the day.

Lady of the night - Koh Samui(I watched as this lady of the night invited her friends to join her)

2) Time of day – I guess this is pretty much straightforward from the title itself. Most lady consort of the night never really show up during the day. Sometimes if you do bump into them during the day, they’re doing the walk of shame… unless they’re very professional and discreet, in which case they probably have a change of clothes. I mean, I’m presuming. Its not like I know anything about it…. or anything

Kanchanaburi Weekend 255(An enterprising woman. She provides blow outs to ladies about to enter Soi Cowboy. Talk about the original blow out bar)

3) Touch – There seems to be an inverse relationship between the type of lady and the timing in which they are seen in contact with their men. I’m not talking about slobbering kisses or anything. More like the simple touches. Holding hands, an arm around the waist. It seems like a lady of the night will not be touched during the day (most of the one’s Ive witnessed tend to walk side by side, or in front of their women) vs. lady of the day whom I guess you see having their hands held more during the day. Ok, maybe not inverse, maybe direct correlation between touch and timing of the day.

Kanchanaburi Weekend 254(Think you’re having a Deja-vu?) Think again

And if you bump into a lady with a deep voice, large hands, and wearing a large choker around her neck. You might want to make sure she’s a lady after all. Especially if you find yourself in these situations in Thailand.

Note: I voice no opinion on the treatment of women in this nor their choice in their profession. Nor am I positioning myself as being judgmental about the men and women who patronize these establishments. I am merely stating an observation on the way the world is shifting around us.